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  1. Compile-Time Constant?


    Jan 29, 2008 ... I'm getting this error message: Error: A kind type parameter must be a compile- time constant. I'm setting up Kind in a module: INTEGER, ...

  2. How can I compile the MSR driver?


    Feb 21, 2013 ... I know that I have to compile and sign the driver, but I dont know how I have to do it. The only thing that i know I should use the DDK software ...

  3. unclear compile error


    Oct 1, 2015 ... When I compile (build) my fortran code, which compiled and ran some time ago on an IBM mainframe, I get the error: #5507 there are multiple ...

  4. How to compile GCC Cilkplus ?


    Nov 6, 2011 ... Hi everyone, I am trying to compile my first line of Cilk language with GCC... I have "checkouted" the specific branch of GCC ...

  5. How to Compile for Intel® AVX | Intel® Developer Zone


    Aug 2, 2012 ... Use the Intel Compiler 11.1 or 12.0 with the switch /QxAVX (Windows*) or -xavx ( Linux*) to compile applications for Intel® Advanced Vector ...

  6. Compile in Xcode


    Sep 14, 2015 ... Hi, I'm developing a project and I'll want to compile it in my own mac. How I can compile the project of the Intel XDK in Xcode??

  7. Improved sysroot support in Intel C++ Compiler for cross compile ...


    Oct 18, 2014 ... With the new features supported in the Intel C++ Compiler, we can use the option --sysroot and the option -gnu-prefix to cross compile the ...

  8. IVF Fortran XE2016 Prof with IMSL: unable to compile


    Oct 8, 2015 ... I just bought the IVF XE2016 Professional with IMSL and set up the library (library and include directory) for IMSL/ However, I could not compile ...

  9. PARADISO Compile Error


    Oct 2, 2015 ... Hi, I am trying to use PARADISO from the MKL library, however, I cannot compile my program because of the following C2059 syntax error '(' on ...

  10. Compile Options Specific to the Intel Optimized MP LINPACK ...


    The Intel Optimized MP LINPACK Benchmark has some additional compile options available over the standard HPL 2.1 distribution. These new options are:.

  11. How to compile SSE intrinsic code in KNL


    Sep 15, 2015 ... So there is my question, how to compile SSE intrinsic code in KNL. Here is my part of code like: void foo (U8 * pInput, U8 * pOutput) { __m128i ...

  12. Compile under dos command line


    Mar 17, 2014 ... What is the syntax to compile a fortran program directly in dos command line? (I try to avoid the MS Visual environment). I tried ifort, fl90, does ...

  13. Is there a method to compile just a subroutine?


    Oct 21, 2015 ... I am interested to know if there are any alternatives in VS2015 to simply compile the subroutine without adding the program statements.

  14. Compile OpenMP or MPI Fortran code for Intel Phi


    Sep 15, 2015 ... Hi everyone, Here is my problem: I have two different programs: One in Fortran / MPI One in Fortran / OpenMP And I would like to compile them ...

  15. Using Makefiles to Compile Your Application | Intel® Developer Zone


    This topic describes use of makefiles to compile your application. You can use makefiles to specify a number of files with various paths and to save this ...

  16. inline-max-per-compile, Qinline-max-per-compile


    inline-max-per-compile, Qinline-max-per-compile. Specifies the maximum number of times inlining may be applied to an entire compilation unit.

  17. can not compile charmm using ifort/icc 16


    Nov 5, 2015 ... Dear administrator: I tried to compile charmm using newly downloaded intel compilors ifort/icc 16, but got following error message:

  18. How to Set Up an NDK Project to Compile for Multiple Target Platforms


    Jul 3, 2014 ... It's possible to put “all” here in order to create a .so file for every architecture supported by Android, but compile times would get very long.

  19. Is there any option in the intel fortran compiler (ifort) to compile and ...


    Sep 5, 2015 ... I know that it is possible to compile in IVF from CMD by using the ifort command. However, that command only compiles and does not run the ...

  20. "cin >> a >> b" with intel c++ compile in release version


    Oct 28, 2015 ... When I use the intel C++ compiler with VS2015 to compile a release version, it will fail. But when I compile a debug version, it work. I can't ...

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