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  1. Write to EXCEL from FORTRAN use COM Interface

    Sep 27, 2013 ... 2) write columns or rows with various data types stored in an array of ... ier = Exl_Status(status,"Error: Unable to get Real Range object ...

  2. AUTODICE problems - OLE/automation

    May 1, 2002 ... The EXCEL cell range is defined as follows in the AUTODICE. ..... What function can be used if you would like to write a 2D array (100 by 8 in ...

  3. parallel random number generation

    Jun 13, 2011 ... For TBB blocked range you can specify the grainsize parameter: your ..... The output was a nice Excel library (xll) containing one function. .... Once random numbers are available in array r you can process them in vector way:.

  4. Fortran module wizard error

    Oct 1, 2014 ... I am doing the following: 1) Selecting the Microsoft Excel 15.0 Object library ... wizard, but now receive a range of error messages when I try to compile. .... Consider enabling the Fortran Optimization > Heap Arrays > 0 option to .... to write output in CSV format, and read it into Excel via a VB macro (my users ...

  5. Allocate arrays

    Jan 19, 2009 ... 2) In my program different arrays have different "live range": some are inside .... part 1: compute your sparse matrix inand write to file (binary format) exit ... By formatting this right you can import it into an Excel spread sheet and ...

  6. Measure Intel® IPP Function Performance | Intel® Software

    Aug 2, 2012 ... Intel IPP is optimized for the wide range of Intel microprocessors. ... The results are saved in the .csv file for further processing with Microsoft Excel*. ... Managing Output, -r [<file-name>], Create csv-file and write PS results ... you can modify the ps_ipps.ini file to choose the functions, the array of vectors, the ...

  7. Access violation reading location 0x00000000

    Apr 1, 2015 ... 4) Calling a subroutine or function that returns a pointer to an array where ... Be mindful that in Debug build, locally declared arrays have SAVE ...

  8. Heap Corruption on Deallocate

    Dec 12, 2013 ... Any time the bounds of an array are exceeded - shame on me - it is the ... expect to happen if you write outside the bounds of an allocated array? .... It will not detect when you blast a hole into data outside the range of the array ...

  9. How to read a general csv file

    Apr 15, 2013 ... Again, if using F2003 you might tokenise to a[n array of derived type with ... You can get excel to ouput as text record to save having to parse it.

  10. Thread Affinity Interface (Linux* and Windows*) | Intel® Software

    Vectorizing a Loop Using the _Simd Keyword; Extensions for Array Notation .... complex-limited-range, Qcomplex-limited-range · fargument-alias, Qalias-args ...... Indicates that compiler is decoding the output of the cpuid instruction, issued by ...

  11. "Calling Conventions" Default vs "CVF (/iface:cvf)"

    Jan 26, 2009 ... I have one project involving calling DLLs from Excel that I've been using for ... an array index of "199" when the array has been declared to have only 150 elements. ...... while Long variables can range from -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647. ..... If you write a library or dll, you certainly don't want or need one .

  12. Detecting a blank line in an I/O read statement

    Jan 19, 2009 ... Assuming that A is an array allocated to the exact number of values the ... Write warning message. .... range of X to Y and then you can get the min and max of the array to ... Excel spreadsheets do this under user preference.

  13. ULARC

    Jun 10, 2016 ... I have been writing a paper over the last two days on beam elements with .... name will do and it creates a file called R.CSV for doing plotting with EXCEL. .... is the most negative value that occurs over the range of iterations. These arrays were initialised in Subroutine LOAD for the first load case or if the ...

  14. Using a Fortan DLL in VB that has a STOP command

    Jan 20, 2003 ... (e.g. starting both applications from a batch file) Or write an ..... Is it that the error raised has to be one that is handled by vba (excel 97 in my case)? Maybe ... Just out of curiosity, try raising C000008C (Array bounds exceeded) and C0000097 ( user-defined, but within numerical range of system exceptions).

  15. Reading selective data from a sequential access file

    Nov 21, 2014 ... The first block may have data to be read into array A1, the second block to ... I read survey points files of up to 1gb twice to first scan for range and check for consistency. If the file was to be used many times or many files, I'd write a ...... little in file size and allows for easy import into excel if there is a problem ...

  16. Creating Libraries | Intel® Software

    Les .... At least make the sizes of all arrays consistent throughout the code. ... The problem with using the byte size is that this tells you nothing about the precision or range of the datatype. Is it possible to write output results into an Excel file?

  17. Using Intel® Visual Fortran to Create and Build Windows*-Based ...

    UNLESS OTHERWISE AGREED IN WRITING BY INTEL, THE INTEL ... used in code examples to show arrays. ... Microsoft* Excel*. ... coordinate system, allowing coordinates in the +/-2 GB range, and performs skewing, reflection, rotation.

  18. New user of Intel fortran on Win XP-64

    Jan 9, 2011 ... I have also run a simple test program which allocates large arrays (8gb) in size .... (could not insert the excel chart) It would appear that a substantial number of ..... my medium size problem of 154,000 equations, using a log scale for N range. ..... Using ddot does not show me how to write parallelized code.

  19. use of Vector instructions

    set b : Vec_Sum_F90 0.1257 0.000E+00 using array syntax and /QxHost .... I still prefer to write DO loops which don't depend on compiler fusion. .... A range of memory footprints from 0.24 MB up to 10 GB have been tested, although the .... with consistent effectiveness; for example gfortran and ifort excel on different ...

  20. Cluster OpenMP*

    UNLESS OTHERWISE AGREED IN WRITING BY INTEL, THE INTEL PRODUCTS ...... scalar and array reductions. ...... Red indicates the top 20% of the count range of the faults. .... CSV file in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel*.

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