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  1. Can anyone transform Excel spreadsheet to FORTRAN code?


    Sep 18, 2014 ... I am in the crunch-mode of my thesis, and simulations in a program (that reads from an Excel file) are taking too long. A solution to this is to ...

  2. selecting excel sheet thru fortran


    Nov 23, 2003 ... I saw few messages in the forum which indicates that some of us are struggling to select different sheet in excel workbook when they use fortran ...

  3. Selection Different Sheets at the Excel


    May 22, 2002 ... I want to read data from different sheets instead of ActiveSheet at the excel application, so I need to select any sheet named by me.I tried to use ...

  4. How to activate a inactive worksheet in Excel using the Intel Visual ...


    Jul 23, 2012 ... Hi everybody, I am still struggling to plot a group of 3D surface plots in a single excel workbook from inside the Intel Visual FORTRAN (IVF).

  5. Copying a worksheet between EXCEL workbooks


    Feb 13, 2013 ... I generate data files which I want to import into Excel worksheets and display as 3 -D surface plots.I am using an EXCEL module generated ...

  6. Excel/Fortran interface assistance


    Jun 1, 2013 ... I noticed during testing that if the active sheet in excel is a chart then we fail as there are no cells to populate in the worksheet object! I can trap ...

  7. Linking Fortran Program (not simple subroutine) with excel using ...


    Mar 15, 2011 ... So the first thing: I should be able to generate the input file in a spreadsheet in excel, that's no problem. Easy enough! The next thing: What ...

  8. Creating New worksheet from Intel FORTRAN


    Jul 11, 2012 ... Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone know how to add a new excel worksheet to the existing EXCEL workbook using the intel visual fortran.

  9. excell spreadsheet compatibility


    I have access to Compaq Visual Fortran (version 6.6a) and wish to write a code ( in Fortran) that will enable me to read input data directly from cells in an Excel ...

  10. Use Intel® MKL from Microsoft* Office Excel | Intel® Developer Zone


    Dec 26, 2011 ... Thus, the best way to call Intel® MKL functions from Excel to build a custom DLL based on Intel® MKL ... Click Alt+F11 back to Excel sheet.

  11. Is it possible to write output results into an Excel file?


    Jan 6, 2013 ... I want to be able to open output files of a FORTRAN code in excel. ... You can use COM to talk to (read or write) parts of an Excel worksheet.

  12. Autosetproperty issue when dealing with excel


    Dec 8, 2004 ... Please excuse my poor english first. I try to set values of a column in Excel sheet using a single dimension array, but failed. All the fields of that ...

  13. Calling EXCEL functions


    Apr 28, 2003 ... I am trying to develop a program to load data into an EXCEL ... and functions to a number of different sheets and producing a chart from each.

  14. COM (Excel) Interfacing


    Jan 24, 2001 ... Just so you are not caught unaware, Excel 97 and Excel 2000 suffer ... are in Excel's handling of something called a CodeName for a sheet.

  15. CPU Utilization for Excel -> Fortran DLL


    Feb 5, 2001 ... I wrote an application with a Fortran DLL that does numerical calculations for an Excel spreadsheet. I am concerned over its execution speed.

  16. COMCreateObject or COMGetFileObject


    Jun 1, 2011 ... ... success:call comcreateobject("excel.application.12",object,iret)but I don't know ... Why not try the version-independant "Excel. ... Sheet.12"?

  17. Excel Automation WorkSheets.Add method


    I have a test code that opens an Excel instance and then creates a new workbook . To add a new worksheet to this workbook, I use the following: WorkSheet ...

  18. Cannot access fortran dll routines from VB macro


    However, if I try calling test from an Excel macro, Excel claims that the library in ... in the same directory as the Excel sheet from which I'm trying to run the macro.

  19. AUTODICE problems - OLE/automation


    May 1, 2002 ... The AUTODICE example fills 12 cells in the first rowof an EXCEL sheet, beginning at A1 (R1C1) and endingat L1 (R1C12). with randomly ...

  20. can build a DLL, but cannot run it on another pc


    Jul 2, 2015 ... Once I get this working, I want to get it working for 64 bit Excel. ... I can build a small test spreadsheet in Excel 2013 that loads the DLL and ...

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