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  1. Failed to finalize the result: the result you are opening is empty


    May 6, 2011 ... However, in the last tests this message appear: 'Failed to finalize the result: the result you are opening is empty. This may caused by an error ...

  2. VTune Amplifier Hotspot_Analysis reports "Failed to finalize results"


    Jan 23, 2012 ... VTune Amplifier Hotspot_Analysis reports "Failed to finalize results" ... Finalizing the result took 0.069 seconds. The lightweight analysis seems ...

  3. VTune Amplifier Hotspot_Analysis reports "Failed to finalize results"


    Sep 27, 2011 ... Failed to finalize the result. The result you are opening is empty. This may ... Error : Failed to create tb6 file because 0 samples were collected.

  4. "Failed to finalize the result"


    Apr 15, 2013 ... I am using XE 2011. Seit last week I always get the Message while running Hotspot analysis""Failed to finalize the result. the result you ar ...

  5. Amplifier XE2013 Error 0x40000002 Insufficient memory Failed to ...


    Mar 13, 2013 ... On most runs it crashes with message "Failed to finalize the result - Error 0x40000002 (Insufficient memory)". Here is what I see in the output ...

  6. failed to finalize the result


    I am trying to run the tachyon example with vtune-amplifier_xe_2013 for hotspots analysis, but it is showing error “failed to finalize the result”.

  7. Failed to finalize the result: the result you are opening is empty


    Feb 20, 2013 ... With EBS, Vtune seems to be profiling for the duration but complains with the following error:Failed to finalize the result: the result you are ...

  8. failed to finalize the result


    I am getting "failed to finalize the result ,the result you are opening is empty" error .... while for some other analysis like lightweight hotspot ...

  9. Failed to finalize the result - result is empty and may be an error ...


    HI, I am trying to tune application using Intel vTune amplified XE 2011. I attched vTune to my process. When I did hotspot analysis , at the end it ...

  10. Got "Failed to finalize result" in Hotspots analysis


    Feb 2, 2012 ... However, i got "failed to finalize result" after 10 min analysis with "high accurate cpu time" checked. And there's a warning: Cannot load data file ...

  11. Hotspot analysis , lock wait analysis results in failed to finalize data


    Oct 3, 2012 ... Whenever I run following analysis it results into the "Failed to finalize result". (1) Hot spot analysis (2) Locks and waits The steps I am following ...

  12. Parallel Amplifier failed to finalize data ( Dicer Error )


    Sep 30, 2011 ... Below that it says "An error occured during result finalization. The result cannot be finalized." There is also a "close" button. In the debug output ...

  13. report generation in linux and viweing in windows


    Jan 24, 2013 ... ... this error "Failed to finalize the result ,cannot finalize the result, Error 0x40000019 (Incompatible database schema) --Database schema is not ...

  14. Unable to perform a Concurrency or Locks and Wait Analysis ...


    Failed to finalize the result." In the Collector messages window I have this: " Warning: user32.dll instrumentation requested more than once .

  15. Using VTune to analyze an attached process C++/Fortran pgm


    Jun 20, 2012 ... Now VTune tells me "Analysis is completed successfully", followed by "Failed to finalize the result". Clicking Re-resolve gives the same error ...

  16. Error 0x40000026 (Database interface error)


    Jul 26, 2013 ... Failed to finalize the result. Cannot finalize the result. Error 0x40000026 ( Database interface error) -- Cannot create result database `'.

  17. using VTUNE command line


    Jan 18, 2012 ... Fatal error: Cannot start collection: failed to create result directory. ... (Cannot find raw collector data) -- Cannot re-finalize the result: it has no ...

  18. Vtune error using Frame API


    May 16, 2014 ... Failed to Finalize the Result. Error 0x40000026 (Database interface error) -- Precompute error. I don't get this error if I take out the frames.

  19. Error opening trace file


    Jun 10, 2011 ... When I analyze it for hotspots using the GUI I get an error after the run is completed saying "failed to finalize the result". I tried to run using the ...

  20. Vtune weird problem


    Feb 1, 2013 ... However, when I try to load the program compiled with the optimization flag -fast, Vtune throws an error "Failed to finalize the result". The result ...

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