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  1. ifort String Concatenation problem in Fortran 90


    Sep 20, 2011 ... Hi All, I have read forums on string concatenation in fortran 90 such as ...

  2. Intel® Fortran Compiler - Support for Fortran language standards ...


    Apr 5, 2012 ... Intel Fortran also fully supports programs that conform to the earlier standards Fortran 95, Fortran 90, FORTRAN 77 and FORTRAN IV ...

  3. Compiler-dependent Functions and Fortran 90 Modules | Intel ...


    In particular, Fortran 90 modules result in the compiler-specific code generation requiring RTL support. Therefore, Intel MKL delivers these modules compiled ...

  4. Intel® C++ and Fortran Compilers | Intel® Developer Zone


    Fortran and C++ compilers for Linux and Windows. Includes documentation, support information, and free downloads for evaluation and non-commercial use.

  5. Logical expressions in Fortran 90


    Apr 14, 2005 ... We have a lot of legacy code that I was tempted to try to compile with IVF 8.1 with "strict Fortran 90" option (on Win32). File format is "fixed 132 ...

  6. Fortran 90 intrinsic functions slow?


    Sep 4, 2012 ... I am trying to reduce the execution time of an existing program for a 2D flow simulation, which was originally written in Fortran 77. Since i am ...

  7. Linking fortran90 and fortran77 source files


    Jul 15, 2004 ... Is it possible to include a fortran 90 source file in the same workspace and use the include statement within a fortran 77 source file in order to ...

  8. Character to Real conversion-Fortran90


    Mar 4, 2004 ... I have a program that scans a text file and finds strings in a certain column that look like numbers, ie 100.3, it grabs these strings and prints ...

  9. Running Fortran 90 code in VS 2013


    Jan 29, 2015 ... Hi there, I just upgraded from a Fortran 6.0 compiler to VS 2013 and need some advice from yours. I have a Fortran 90 code and, when I ...

  10. CPU_TIME in FORTRAN 90


    Apr 10, 2012 ... My environments are ;MS Visual Studio 2008Intel Visual Fortran ... in Fortran 95. ifort doesn't have any option to drop back to Fortran 90, where ...

  11. How to use IMSL Fortran 90


    May 12, 2011 ... When calling the IMSL library I usally use old Fortran 77 syntax. How can I tell the compiler to use the new Fortran 90 syntax? Example: 1) ...

  12. Resize Array


    Dec 6, 2009 ... Tim is right about Fortran 90/95, but ifort supports the Fortran 2003 .... are cases that were not legal in F90/F95 because of shape mismatches.

  13. What's the most efficient way to compare arrays?


    Nov 11, 2010 ... ... compare arrays in Fortran 90/95?Is there an intrinsic function to compare arrays in Fortran 90/95? A very elegant way is IF(ALL(ARRAY1.EQ.

  14. problem with 2d arrays in fortran 90!


    Mar 14, 2011 ... I have written a simple program,which should transform 1d array into 2d.But I get something stupid.I know that FORTRAN is writing arrays in ...

  15. erroneous memory leak detection from Fortran 90 MPI operations


    Mar 31, 2014 ... I have attached a simple Fortran 90 program that demonstrates the behavior along with the makefile necessary to compile it. The command to ...

  16. Visual Fortran Newsletter Articles


    Dec 7, 2005 ... Fortran 77 included almost all of Fortran 66, and Fortran 90 included all ..... Fortran 90 introduced the concept of optional arguments and a ...

  17. Steps to link LAPACK in Fortran 90 using Visual Studio 2008


    Oct 31, 2014 ... I am working with Fortran 90 via Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. IA32 architecture. I already checked that I do have the MKL folder (with files, and ...

  18. How to express a long directive for openMP in Fortran?


    Feb 2, 2009 ... adi.f90(21): error #7622: Misplaced part of an OpenMP parallel directive. .... I don' t know for sure, but I'd expect that the Fortran 90 standard ...

  19. CompilerErrorsAndWarnings


    Aug 14, 2009 ... We are using ifort as the compiler and we are getting warning messages like # 5112: Extension to FORTRAN-90: tab formatting enddo mainDo

  20. Number of characters in one line in free-format in Fortran90


    Nov 12, 2013 ... ... more than 132 charactes in a line in free-format? If I write more than 132 characters in a line in free-format Fortran90, what will happen then?

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