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  1. Create new pose/gesture?


    Dec 1, 2014 ... How do we create a recognizable pose/gesture in RealSense? I've been searching for tutorial for how to make a new gesture in RealSense ...

  2. Accuracy and Reliability of the GeoNode & Gesture/Pose Data


    Hi all, As we are in the process of integrating this cool technology into our commercial software products for offering a new input possibility and ...

  3. Gesture Recognition2


    May 24, 2013 ... LABEL_MASK_DETAILS = 0x0000ffff, // AND this mask with the pose/gesture identifier to get the pose/gesture details within a set.

  4. New own hand pose / gesture recognition C++


    13 Jun 2014 ... Hi everyone, I´m working with the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK and I my question is about the hand pose and gesture recognition (new ...

  5. Gesture Recognition


    May 3, 2013 ... Hi every body, is that someone can help me! I want to add another poses as label_pose_thumb_up, I can not find how to proceed. Thanks!!

  6. Working with Hands/Gestures | Intel® Developer Zone


    Jan 13, 2015 ... Gesture Recognition - 10 preset gestures provided in R1 (see below). ... If both static and Active gestures are used based on the same 'pose',



    ... int g_nframes; class GestureHandler:public PXCGesture::Gesture::Handler ... break; case PXCGesture::Gesture::LABEL_POSE_BIG5: wprintf_s(L"[Pose] BIG5  ...

  8. Poses


    Oct 19, 2014 ... Hi guys, Reading the docs, I see that you don't have "poses" anymore, just Gestures. That way, we won't have the event that the pose is not ...

  9. sdkmanual-gesture.pdf


    The SDK module recognizes a set of predefined poses and gestures, and ... If the application needs to receive pose/gesture notification, the application can.

  10. Overview of Intel® RealSense™ SDK | Intel® Developer Zone


    Recognition, Track Landmarks, Pose, Expression Detection. Gesture Recognition F200 Tracking Joints, Gesture Recognition, Touch less Interface. Background ...

  11. fingertrackinghowto.pdf (360.11 KB)


    Gesture Recognition Sample. Version 1.0 .... interface is the interface for finger tracking, pose and gesture recognition. The GestureRecognition sample shows:.

  12. Intel(R) Perceptual Computing SDK Documentation


    Common pose gestures. SET_CUSTOMIZED. Any customized gestures. Detailed Navigation Gestures. LABEL_NAV_SWIPE_LEFT. Extend your fingers and ...

  13. Intel(R) Perceptual Computing SDK Documentation


    ▫The OnGesture function is invoked, with the pose/gesture details, when a pose or gesture is recognized. This sample simply saves the pose/gesture data for ...

  14. Developing applications using Intel® Perceptual Computing ...


    Aug 21, 2013 ... Intel Perceptual Computing SDK finger tracking module tracks hands and finger locations and performs pose/gesture recognition. The module ...

  15. Intel® RealSense™ Technology | Intel® Developer Zone


    May 23, 2014 ... Hand and Finger Tracking; Static Gesture Recognition; Dynamic .... Gesture Tracking: Identifies 8 static poses and 6 dynamic gestures that ...

  16. PXC[M]Gesture


    The PXC[M]Gesture interface provides member functions to perform finger tracking and pose/gesture recognition. The application can create this interface using ...

  17. Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK


    The PXCGesture interface is the interface for finger tracking, pose, and gesture recognition. ... virtual void PXCAPI OnGesture(PXCGesture::Gesture *data) {.

  18. 的搜索结果pose


    Dec 1, 2014 ... How do we create a recognizable pose/gesture in RealSense? I' ve been searching for tutorial for how to make a new gesture in RealSense .

  19. Intel(R) Perceptual Computing SDK Documentation


    The SDK invokes this OnGesture function when it recognizes a gesture. For poses, the SDK invokes this function twice, once for active and the other for inactive.

  20. Intel RealSense SDK for Windows beta Product Release Questions ...


    Gesture Tracking: The 2014 SDK identifies 8 static poses and 6 dynamic ... Static pose examples are things like thumbs up or peace sign, while dynamic gesture ...

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