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  1. Interpreting Data on Concurrency and CPU Usage | Intel® Software

    Identify functions with poor concurrency and poor CPU usage. ... issues with the call sequences in your application and improve performance by revising the way  ...

  2. Optimize Data Structures and Memory Access Patterns to Improve ...

    May 8, 2012 ... This article discusses symptoms of poor data locality, techniques to ... CPU utilization by worker threads is very low, CPU Time is very high ...

  3. Optimizing Cyberlink PowerDVD 10* Improves Battery Life | Intel ...

    Jun 9, 2014 ... Optimizing Cyberlink PowerDVD 10* Improves Battery Life. Gael H. (Intel)'s .... Figure 2. Processor Power Usage during PowerDVD* Playback.

  4. Improving performance

    While running the analysis, I noted that the CPU usage is around 12%. I understand that this low CPU usage is mainly because the analysis is ...

  5. Too low CPU utilization in a quad-core environment

    Jul 7, 2008 ... Is there any additional compiler switch to let the code increase the CPU utilization ? Maybe my compiler switches are wrong for a quad-core ...

  6. CPU Usage | Intel® Software

    By default, if the CPU Time on all threads is less than 0.5 of 100% CPU Time on ... By default, poor usage is when the number of simultaneously running CPUs is  ...

  7. CPU Utilization (OpenMP) | Intel® Software

    The metric value is low that can indicate poor logical CPU cores utilization because of load imbalance, threading runtime overhead, contended synchronization ...

  8. Compare Results | Intel® Software

    ... the degree to which the optimization improved application performance. ... sphere_intersect functions spent the most time with Poor CPU utilization (red bars).

  9. Intel® Performance Counter Monitor - A better way to measure CPU ...

    Aug 16, 2012 ... Figure 1: "CPU Utilization" measures only the time a thread is scheduled on a core ... Intel® HT technology is a great performance feature that can boost ..... 0.0 cores were in C3 (a low power state) and 0.72 cores were in C6 ...

  10. QSV CPU usage

    Aug 1, 2016 ... Performance improves about 20% between profiles (speed, quality). ... Media SDK 2016 we see 2x cpu usage and 2.5x increase in gpu load.

  11. Clockticks per Instructions Retired (CPI) | Intel® Software

    If you have made an optimization that improved the runtime of your ... a specific logical processor could indicate poor CPU usage and not an execution problem.

  12. White Paper Virtual Machine Device Queues

    reducing CPU capacity available for applications. ... improves platform efficiency for handling receive-side ... a noticeable improvement in CPU utilization.

  13. Analyzing MPI Applications to Improve Performance | Intel® Software

    Analyzing MPI Applications to Improve Performance ... starting point to understand CPU utilization, memory access, and vectorization efficiency aspects .... with OpenMP metrics sorted by MPI Communication Spin Time from low to high values.

  14. Performance Analysis and Optimization for PC-Based VR ...

    Oct 17, 2016 ... optimization on CPU can help reduce the GPU bubbles and improve ... If the GPU utilization were improved, a higher frame rate could be achieved. ... The user experience of this VR workload is bad since the frame rate is far ...

  15. APIC Virtualization Performance Testing and Iozone* | Intel® Software

    Dec 17, 2013 ... In his blog we describe how we tested this new feature to determine if it improves throughput and how it affects CPU utilization of the system.

  16. Using Tools to Improve Particle System Performance Over 3x

    rated as having "Poor" concurrency, which means that while these functions are ... Figure 8 - Greatly improved CPU utilization after threading serial work.

  17. Window: Summary - Hotspots by CPU Usage | Intel® Software

    To access this window, select the Hotspots by CPU Usageviewpoint and ... By default, poor usage is when the number of simultaneously running CPUs ... Optimizing these functions typically results in improving overall application performance.

  18. Improved Linux* SMP Scaling: User-directed Processor Affinity | Intel ...

    Sep 20, 2011 ... Improved Linux* SMP Scaling: User-directed Processor Affinity ... interrupts to different processors can also result in some bad side effects [1]. ... Figure 2 TCP CPU utilization and throughput (click image for larger view)

  19. ferquents peaks in CPU utilization with C/C++ compiler

    Jul 1, 2004 ... In fact i am getting the same peak cpu utilization as earlier but these peak cpu ... avergae behavior has improved in terms of CPU utilization

  20. Extract, Transform, and Load Big Data with Apache Hadoop* - Intel

    in customer behavior, strengthen supply chains, improve the effectiveness of marketing .... oper community to enable low-latency queries on Apache HBase* and. HDFS. .... shows very high CPU utilization and moderate disk I/O during the map.

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