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  1. Mpeg2-decoder: Timestamp based on GOP? - Intel® Developer Zone

    Aug 13, 2008 ... Hello,I seems that the PTS of a MPEG2-frame is only based on the framerate and is always started at PTS=0. In my case I have a smal clip of a ...

  2. UMC: MPEG2 Decoder Crash - Search | Intel® Software

    Hi, We are evaluating the performance of IPP mpeg2 decoder source code library ... Hello,I seems that the PTS of a MPEG2-frame is only based on the framerate ...

  3. Direct3D11 DXVA behavior issues on some Atom chipsets; audio ...

    Jan 15, 2015 ... ... our MPEG2 decoder must adjust based on the current playback quality, ... If the PTS is delayed by 1s during playback, lip sync is lost and is ...

  4. H.264 encoder + Polycom m100

    However, IPP mpeg2 decoder detects the ratio as 4:3. ... H264 does return display aspect ... Does SDK provide method to calc PTS and DTS for every encoded .

  5. NUC serial driver - Search | Intel® Software

    Enable the PNG and PostScript drivers by deleting the exclamation points at the ... am working with libVA and opensource vaapi driver to create Mpeg2 decoder.

  6. Intel® Media SDK

    Non-standard entry points can be used, but are not recommended. ... Mpeg2 decoder returns only the first payload coded in the frame and ignores all the rest.

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