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  1. Intel® Parallel Studio XE | Intel® Software

    Intel® Parallel Studio XE tool suite simplifies the design, development, debug, and tuning of code that utilizes parallel processing to boost application ...

  2. Intel Parallel Universe Magazine | Intel® Software

    ... Universe Magazine. The Parallel Universe is a quarterly publication devoted to exploring inroads and innovations in the field of software development.

  3. Qualify for Free Software - Student | Intel® Software

    Students cannot be paid and/or compensated for software development. The products ... Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition (includes Fortran and C/C++)

  4. Try & Buy Intel® Parallel Studio XE | Intel® Software

    Students, educators, academic researchers, and open source contributors may qualify for Free Software Tools. Everyone qualifies for Community Licensing of ...

  5. Intel® Parallel Computing Centers | Intel® Software

    To meet future scientific computing demands, systems in the next decade will support millions of processor cores with thousands of threads. Increasing compute ...

  6. Support for Intel® Parallel Studio XE | Intel® Software

    Welcome. Use this page to locate various resources for the different software development tools included in the Intel® Parallel Studio XE product. The product  ...

  7. Documentation for Intel® Parallel Studio XE Support | Intel® Software

    Intel Parallel Studio XE Installation Guide for Linux* OS · Intel Parallel Studio XE ... The Intel® Software Development Product you install may use a prior version ...

  8. Modern Code | Intel® Software

    OCTOBER: Parallel Programming and Optimization for Intel® Architecture ... vectorization optimization and threading design tool for software architects.

  9. Intel® Parallel Studio XE Release Notes | Intel® Software

    Sep 7, 2016 ... This page provides links to the current Release Notes for the Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster, Professional, and Composer Editions. To get ...

  10. Details about Intel® Parallel Studio XE | Intel® Software

    Create code faster: Use a toolset that simplifies creating fast, reliable parallel ... and thread software to realize the full performance potential of the processor.

  11. Current Centers of Intel® Parallel Computing Centers | Intel® Software

    Current Intel® Parallel Computing Centers. Click on the logos to learn more about what each of these Intel® Parallel Computing Centers is doing.

  12. The Three Stages of Preparation for Optimizing Parallel Software ...

    Mar 7, 2012 ... Improving software performance on parallel software requires a structured approach that makes good use of development resources, obtaining ...

  13. Intel® Moderncode for Parallel Architectures

    Tap our experts and your peers to help meet the challenge of developing applications on modern hardware. This is the place to ask questions (and get answers) ...

  14. Training for Intel® Parallel Studio XE Support | Intel® Software

    Videos; Getting Started Guides: Basic instructions on how to use the tools included in Intel® Parallel Studio XE; Evaluation Guides: step-by-step guides to ...

  15. Reviews on Intel® Parallel Studio XE | Intel® Software

    Pexip, a Norway-based developer of a software-based videoconferencing solutions used Intel® Parallel Studio XE to boost video encoding performance by 2.5 ...

  16. Support FAQs for Intel® Parallel Studio XE Support | Intel® Software

    How do I get the latest version of Intel® Parallel Studio XE? If you have ... My current support subscription is ending soon, how can I receive the latest software ?

  17. Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017 Beta | Intel® Software

    Mar 28, 2016 ... Learn about what's new in 2017 and get access to the beta program. Browse FAQs, support, webinars, release notes, known issues and more.

  18. Announcing Intel® Parallel Studio 2017 | Intel® Software

    Sep 6, 2016 ... The new 2017 version of Intel® Parallel Studio XE is here—and it's better ... The premier suite for parallel applications gives you new software ...

  19. Intel® Parallel Studio (Archived)

    ... Intel® Software Development Products Download, Registration & Licensing. This forum was created for the old Intel Parallel Studio (non-XE) product, ...

  20. Intel® Software Academic Program | Intel® Software

    Software Development Tools ... “The Intel Academic Software Program has made valuable contributions to the ... Intel® Parallel Computing Centers (Intel® PCC).

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