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  1. CPAN tbb.pod: Parallel Perl using TBB, Kiwi Style | Intel® Developer ...


    May 10, 2011 ... TBB is available on CPAN as a library thanks to Sam Vilain in New Zealand.http:// search.cpan.org/~samv/threads-tbb-0.01/lib/threads/tbb.pod.

  2. Configure and Building perl with intel icc compiler


    Aug 20, 2010 ... Hi I have many times built perl using gcc. Now tring to install the perl using intel icc compiler.I got evaluation version in my linux machine. I ran .

  3. Perl Scripts for AMT access


    Jan 14, 2009 ... There is a new download available that contains perl scripts that allow several different AMT actions to be triggered via Perl script. Some of the ...

  4. compiling perl interpreter: icc 9.1 performs poor compared to gcc 4.1


    Dec 19, 2006 ... The sole purpose of this compiler is to compile a highly optimized Perl-Interpreter . We have experienced good results with icc on the P4 ...

  5. hash in perl?


    Aug 9, 2010 ... In Perl, Hash is another kind of collective data type. Hash can hold as many as scalar like array but the way you accessing hash element is ...

  6. Compiling Perl 5.10 with ICC


    Hello, I am new to Intel compiler and tried to compile Perl 5.10 with ICC. I used the commandline from ICC, I edited the makefile, so that cc = icl ...

  7. Congratulations to Thomas Perl!


    Sep 29, 2011 ... Congratulation to Thomas Perl - Student from beautiful Vienna and Intel AppUp Community member for winnig $25k for the Best Tablet App ...

  8. Where can I get perl script which convert c header file to cpp header ...


    Jul 22, 2006 ... It says "Generated from ippIP header file by PERL script at Thu Jan 26 ... I want to know where I can find the perl script so that I can convert all ...

  9. Perl script to produce module interfaces


    Feb 3, 2005 ... In accordance with Steve Lionel's mantra: "always use explicit interfaces", ( search for 'Integer length issues between program and subroutine' ...

  10. Building Intel® IPP 7.1 Samples | Intel® Developer Zone


    Jun 20, 2012 ... For Windows*: validated with the community edition of ActiveState* perl. Other implementations such as Strawberry* perl are also expected to ...

  11. Open Parallel: Optimizing Web Performance with TBB | Intel ...


    Nov 16, 2011 ... This drove our goal of adding TBB support into PHP and Perl, starting with HipHop as the PHP implementation of choice and later on adding ...

  12. Is it possible to use apt-get package manager in Yocto?


    8 maio 2014 ... ... debconf-doc debconf-utils whiptail dialog gnome-utils libterm-readline-gnu- perl libgtk2-perl libnet-ldap-perl libqtgui4-perl libqtcore4-perl apt ...

  13. Is it possible to use apt-get package manager in Yocto?


    May 8, 2014 ... 08, liblocale-gettext-perl liblzma5 libselinux1 libstdc++6 ... 14, libqtcore4-perl apt openssh-client udev runit xauth glibc-doc locales bzip2 ...

  14. Run debugger from cover script?


    My program needs to be run from a perl cover script that sets up environment variables and an output directory. Is it possible to use the debugger with this script?

  15. usr/bin/perl # Perl script to build my code. use Getopt::Long; $cmake


    /usr/bin/perl # Perl script to build my code. use Getopt::Long; $cmake = `which cmake`; chomp($cmake); $optimize = 0; $help = 0; $builddir = "build"; $sourcedir  ...

  16. Download


    4 Programming team. Modified AMT SDK samples: Francois Hannebicq. AMT Scripts in Perl: Sergey Patrushin. Design and documentation, AMT Scripts in CSH:.

  17. Regular Expressions | Intel® Developer Zone


    This section describes the Intel IPP functions that perform matching operations with the Perl-compatible regular expression patterns.

  18. Can not build ipp-samples.


    Sep 5, 2013 ... perl build.pl --cmake=audio-video-codecs,ia32,vc2010,s,st,release perl build.pl ... Looks, like powershell parses the command line before Perl.

  19. problems reading the .obj file


    May 25, 2004 ... I want to read .obj file using perl. But perl can read .obj file only till it comes across '1A' in the .obj file, the latter part of the file gets skipped.

  20. Creating Microsoft* Visual Studio .NET* 2005 project files | Intel ...


    Jul 1, 2009 ... GenSlu.pl is a Perl script tool which can generate solution and project files for Microsoft* Visual Studio .Net 2005*. This script tool reads ...

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