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  1. how can i create a two dimension safearray?


    Jun 24, 2013 ... I want to create a two dimension safearray. But the third parameter of the function SafeArrayCreate(vt, cDims, ab) defined in the oleaut32.f90 is ...

  2. Passing a safearray using a variant


    Oct 24, 2001 ... How do I pass a safearray into a COM object using a variant? In C++ there is a variant type VT_ARRAY. What does CVF use? Is there an ...

  3. COM server returning a safearray in a variant


    COM server returning a safearray in a variant. skyhigh. mer, 15/04/2009 - 16:08. I have turned an old FORTRAN code into a COM server and written a GUI C#.

  4. Problem passing safearray from CVF to VB .NET


    Jan 24, 2003 ... I'm getting an error when trying to pass a safearray from CVF to VB .NET via COM Interop (Scenario 1). The COM interface was built using the ...

  5. Accessing Variant array of VT_I4 values


    Jan 11, 2011 ... Am I missing something?I'm trying to get an integer array from an ActiveX device interface.Being COM it passes the data as a SafeArray.

  6. Problem with SafeArrays from vba in fortran DLL


    Oct 11, 2013 ... I am trying to get Excel VBA code to interface with a fortran DLL, and am having a vexing problem. I started with the 'VB.NET-SafeArrays' ...

  7. safearray in com automation error


    I think the points are not being well created in safearray but i dont know how to view the array values because is a pointer, Do anybody knows?

  8. URGENT - Passing a safearray using a variant


    Oct 26, 2001 ... How do I pass a safearray into a COM object using a variant? In C++ there is a variant type VT_ARRAY. What does CVF use? Is there an ...

  9. Passing string arrays from VB.net


    Dec 12, 2010 ... I need to pass an array of strings from VB to FORTRAN (but not back). I have perused the supplied example of using safearrays to do this but ...

  10. Using COM Objects with CVF


    Jun 25, 2002 ... The SafeArray of Unsigned Integers was defined as CHARACTER, DIMENSION(: ), INTENT(INOUT)with the usual !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES ...

  11. Français


    Y1 is the property that is used to return the dynamically allocated array as a safearray. Note that an array is passed from COM to .NET as a safearray. As DVF  ...

  12. array-valued function with VBA


    Nov 27, 2007 ... As Steve mentions below, you could examine the SAFEARRAY sample ... you how to convert a 2 dimensional Fortran array into a safearray.

  13. Passing arrays to Fortran COM methods


    Jan 17, 2001 ... If I type cast the array to (SAFEARRAY *) I can get it to compile but when I step into the FORTRAN com routine that uses the array I get the ...

  14. v.b .net 2005 passing array to fortran dll IA32


    Jan 5, 2009 ... The safe array pointer is a pointer (4 bytes) that points to the base of the ... and contains the bounds data for each dimension of the safe array.

  15. Example of passing array of strings to VB COM component


    I have done some experimenting declaring a safearray of BSTRs in Fortran and then passing that on to the COM method. After the call, I do get the first few ...

  16. Your opinion: CVF Samples


    Feb 13, 2002 ... After an extended back-and-forth with Jugoslav about passing and constructing VARIANTS and SAFEARRAYS in C++/FORTRAN mixed ...

  17. Return array of strings from Fortran to C#


    I would recommend using a SafeArray to set up your string array, then using ... There is a Fortran SafeArray example that comes with the Intel ...

  18. vb.net and cvf string arrays


    Jul 22, 2005 ... There is a SAFEARRAY sample which may be of help. ... Fortran, adapted from the SAFEARRAY sample but almost completely rewritten.

  19. Problem While returning an array from CVF COM dll to ASP page....


    Jul 24, 2001 ... And like whether or not the variant elements of the safearray really are of ... And what method will you use to access the SafeArray of variants in ...

  20. COM addin for Excel


    Feb 1, 2001 ... [in] ext_ConnectMode ConnectMode, [in] IDispatch* AddInInst, [in] SAFEARRAY( VARIANT)* custom); [id(0x00000002)] void OnDisconnection(

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