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  1. -save compiler option question

    Jan 24, 2013 ... According to the Intel Fortran documentation, the –save compiler option saves all variables in static allocation except local variables within a ...

  2. Checking for unitialized variables using init compiler option | Intel ...

    Aug 25, 2014 ... Variables affected include variables with an explicit SAVE attribute and those ... Checking for unitialized variables using init compiler option.

  3. Fortran Compiler Options ifort(1)

    ifort(1) Intel(R) Fortran Compiler Options ifort(1) NAME ifort - invokes the Intel(R) Fortran .... You cannot specify -save, -auto, or -automatic with this option.

  4. /Qsox option to save compiler options and version info

    Sep 27, 2006 ... If I compile a program with the /Qsox option, how can I extract the compiler options and version info from the executable? Thanks.

  5. Saving Compiler Information in Your Executable | Intel® Software

    If you want to save information about the compiler in your executable, use the [Q] sox option to save:

  6. Intel® Fortran Compiler 17.0 Developer Guide and Reference | Intel ...

    Download PDF The following are some important features of the compiler: ... Using the -nofor_main Compiler Option (Linux* and OS X*). Error Handling.

  7. interplay of -fpp, -save-temps and gdb across the latest ifort versions

    Oct 6, 2015 ... Thus it is fed through the pre-processor using command line option "-fpp". ... When I use the additional compiler option "-save-temps" they are ...

  8. Fortran Compiler Use of Temporaries

    Linux, Windows, Mac OS X: Use loader options to increase stack size and possibly stack ... -save compiler option (same effect) but affects entire source file( s).

  9. ifort: bug with option -save

    Sep 21, 2010 ... option -save doesn't work well with arrays ifort version: (ifort -V) Intel Fortran Compiler Professional for applications running on IA-32, Version ...

  10. Multithreaded Fortran Subroutine Guidelines?

    Jan 10, 2011 ... Avoid the -SAVE compiler option and SAVE attribute. ... Yes, there is an ifort option -reentrant, although it's not a Fortran declaration. With such ...

  11. Fortran SAVE attribute default behavior and runtime stack vs. static ...

    Oct 21, 2010 ... You cannot specify -save, -auto, or -automatic with this option. ... I've spent time inside a Fortran compiler, and I discourage relying on default ...

  12. Implicit save attribute in debug mode?

    Apr 26, 2016 ... Local variables without the SAVE attribute (or when the /Qsave compiler option is not specified) are allocated on the stack. If the local variable ...

  13. Using Makefiles to Compile Your Application | Intel® Software

    Options: Compilers dialog box · Options: Intel® Performance Libraries dialog box · Use ..... Intrinsics for Saving and Restoring the Extended Processor States.

  14. optimize | Intel® Software

    OS X*) · Saving Compiler Information in Your Executable · Linking Debug Information ... and Removed Compiler Options; Ways to Display Certain Option Lists.

  15. Procurar | Intel® Software

    With respect to the compiler option "All Variables SAVE (/Qsave)" in the pesense of . ... I am already using "All Variables SAVE" option from intel compiler, still .


    Nov 1, 2010 ... Also, I'm having a hard time figuring out what compiler option is equivalent to the ... data-initialized, named in a SAVE statement, or declared as

  17. save-temps, Qsave-temps | Intel® Software

    This option tells the compiler to save intermediate files created during compilation. The names of the files saved are based on the name of the source file; the ...

  18. sox | Intel® Software

    Tells the compiler to save the compilation options and version number in the executable file. It also lets you choose whether to include lists of certain functions.

  19. /Qsave not set in conversion from CVF to IVF

    May 3, 2007 ... With respect to the compiler option "All Variables SAVE (/Qsave)" in ... 9 of Intel Fortran compiler used to react on "All Variables SAVE (/Qsave)" ...

  20. Setting Flags in XCode for ifort

    Nov 20, 2012 ... -g -save-temps -fpic. are options for use by the Fortran compiler, whereas. –Wl,- no-pie. tells the compiler "pass '-no-pie' to the linker". I do not ...

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