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  1. Fortran Compiler Use of Temporaries


    Linux, Windows, Mac OS X: Use loader options to increase stack size and possibly stack starting ... -heap-arrays affects automatic arrays and temporaries only.

  2. Intel® Fortran Compiler - Increased stack usage of 8.0 or higher ...


    Sep 2, 2009 ... Temporaries include automatic arrays and array sub-sections corresponding to actual arguments. If the program is not afforded adequate stack ...

  3. stack/heap and memory leaks


    Sep 17, 2012 ... To allow for larger temporary arrays (prevent stack overflows), ... And yes, it is specific to automatic arrays and the /heap-arrays option. --Lorri.

  4. automatic array stack size limit bug


    Fortran users, The problem in ifort 8.0, now inherited in ifort 9.0, that puts a severe limit on automatic array sizes should be considered a bug by ...

  5. Intel fortran compiler and automatic array declaration


    Jun 7, 2005 ... AUTOMATIC ARRAYS double precision Sigt(it,jt,kt) double ... automatic arrays are created on the stack and you have insufficient stacksize limit.

  6. Implications for Array Copies | Intel® Developer Zone


    Passing a non-contiguous array to a procedure that does not declare it as ... As above, these automatic arrays are created on the stack by default; the ...

  7. Stack Overflow with OpenMP and ifort 10.1 using Visual Studio C++


    Jul 8, 2008 ... Using OpenMP, even with one thread, I'm getting a stack overflow (exception in ... /heap-arrays affects automatic arrays (F90 meaning) but not ...

  8. Capturing automatic array memory allocation failure


    Aug 26, 2013 ... In some (rare) occasions, there isn't enough memory and the call to the routine generates a "stack overflow" error. The automatic arrays are too ...

  9. heap-arrays | Intel® Developer Zone


    Puts automatic arrays and arrays created for temporary computations on the heap instead of the stack.

  10. Allocated arrays vs automatic arrays


    Feb 2, 2012 ... Are automatic arrays always allocated on the stack if heap arrays not set to 0? Would automatic arrays be more efficient with heap set to 0 and ...

  11. Different behaviour for allocatable and automatic arrays


    Sep 4, 2009 ... I get the following error at run time: forrtl: severe (170): Program Exception - stack overflow. Image PC Routine Line Source array_test.exe ...

  12. /Qsave and automatic arrays


    May 19, 2014 ... End Subroutine Are allocated on the stack unless /heap-arrays is specified. Where are arrays of these type (automatic arrays?) allocated with ...

  13. Determining Root Cause of Segmentation Faults SIGSEGV or ...


    Sep 29, 2011 ... The Intel Fortran Compiler use stack space to allocate a number of ... puts all automatic and temporary arrays larger than 10Kbytes on heap

  14. Limits for Automatic arrays and array sections?


    Dec 5, 2011 ... I tried searching the help and this forum and could not find anything. I find that I get crashes (e.g stack overflow) if I use too large a range for ...

  15. severe (174): SIGSEGV and Stack trace terminated abnormally


    Oct 1, 2013 ... severe (174): SIGSEGV and Stack trace terminated abnormally ... The -heap- arrays option allocates your automatic arrays on the heap and not ...

  16. Stack Size? (CVF)


    Is running out of stack size an indicator of any particular problem (coding error) ... Visual Fortran uses the stack to create space for automatic arrays (local arrays ...

  17. Memory Limits for Applications on Windows* | Intel® Developer Zone


    May 16, 2011 ... In C or C++, most routine local variables and variables declared inside blocks are allocated on the stack. In Fortran, automatic arrays (with ...

  18. Stack; Heap; Save


    Jun 13, 2005 ... In porting a UNIX fortran code to PC Windows I have run into a stack ... reduce stack usage and further says allocatable arrays are automatically ...

  19. stack overflow


    But I tried a somewhat larger problem on the code and it failed with a stack ... In the artical, it says, "Replace automatic arrays with allocatable arrays and ...

  20. Automatic variable allocation on stack increases runtime 10X


    Each of these functions had a large local array declared. The allocation of these arrays on the stack increased the execution time by a factor of ...

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