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  1. Android* - Test Apps Virtually | Intel® Developer Zone


    Test Android* Apps on Intel Devices…Virtually Ensure your apps run smoothly and deliver the best user experience on Intel-based Android devices by testing ...

  2. Debug and Test Overview | Intel® Developer Zone


    Sep 3, 2015 ... The Intel® XDK provides multiple ways to debug and test your app. This topic provides a summary of the debugger and device preview/test ...

  3. Test Tab | Intel® Developer Zone


    Feb 27, 2015 ... After your HTML5 app looks appropriate in the Intel® XDK emulator, the next step is to test your app on an actual mobile device. The Intel App ...

  4. Parking Lot Test | Intel® Developer Zone


    Test Purpose The test evaluates the randomness of two-dimensional random points uniformly distributed in the square with a side of length 100. The stable ...

  5. Distribution Moments Test | Intel® Developer Zone


    Test Purpose The test verifies that sample moments of a given distribution agree with theoretical moments. Sample mean (first order moment) and sample ...

  6. Compiling and Running a Test Program | Intel® Developer Zone


    Intel® MPI Library User's Guide for Windows* OS Compiling and Running a Test Program The install directory \samples_2016\en\mpi contains test programs ...

  7. Intel® XDK FAQs - Debug & Test | Intel® Developer Zone


    Nov 9, 2015 ... We officially only support and test Android* 4.x and higher, although you can use Cordova for Android* to build for Android* 2.3 and above.

  8. Appendix A: Performance Test Tool (perfsys) Command Line Options


    Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) installation includes command-line tools for performance testing in the /tools/perfsys directory. There is one ...

  9. Xeon Phi Stress Test


    Jan 2, 2014 ... ... not so high. In other words - tests were too fast to check my cooling solution. What can you suggest to perform simple stress test of Xeon Phi?

  10. Chi-Squared Goodness-of-Fit Test | Intel® Developer Zone


    Test Purpose The test verifies that the sample distribution function agrees with the hypothesized distribution. A chi-squared V statistic with the number of degrees ...

  11. Compiling and Running a Test Program | Intel® Developer Zone


    Intel® MPI Library User's Guide for Linux* OS Compiling and Running a Test Program To compile and run a test program, do the following: (SDK only) Compile ...

  12. Beta Test Apps (Archived)


    Get valuable feedback on your app by creating a beta test group. Post questions about how to beta test your app and invite testers here.

  13. Intel® NAS Performance Toolkit


    Version 1.7.0 adds the ability for users to add their own custom workloads to the lists of test run the NASPT, further expanding the utility and flexibility of the Intel ...

  14. Test Engine Graphical User Interface


    ... the process for remotely managing secure hard disk drives (HDD) in an Intel AMT system. The following sections describe how to use the Test Engine GUI:.

  15. test prioritization Tool | Intel® Developer Zone


    The test prioritization tool, also known as the tselect tool, enables the profile- guided optimizations on all supported Intel® architectures, on Linux*, Windows*,  ...

  16. MPSS 3.6, OFED-3.18 and test.c


    Oct 8, 2015 ... Hello, I have installed MPSS 3.6, OFED-3.18 on hos and Intel Xeon Phi I build simple test from /test directory of Intel MPI 5.1 for host and mic.

  17. Test your app for FREE on Intel Android devices using appthwack.com


    Jan 8, 2014 ... Appthwack is a cloud based real device testing website. This website allows you to test your Android, iOS and Web applications on the real ...

  18. Test Functions and Routines | Intel® Developer Zone


    This section describes LAPACK test functions and routines. Summary information about these routines is given in the following table:

  19. Edison crashing on reboot after WIFI scan test


    Aug 4, 2015 ... The hardware guy redesigned the board to stop this happening and handed back a test device. I ran the WIFI scan several times while the TFT ...

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