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  1. openMP, threadprivate and allocate question


    Apr 29, 2009 ... omp end do, as the Fortran end do ends the omp do inherently. Top .... to declare the ALLOCATABLE arrays as THREADPRIVATE and then

  2. Threadprivate common data doesn't work with '-openmp ...


    Nov 10, 2009 ... Hi,I have an old Fortran program which uses common data blocks, and I ... are threadprivate (see this thread) I use the '-openmp-threadprivate ...

  3. [OMP] Threadprivate common dramatically decrease performance


    Jul 6, 2009 ... Dear Intel forumers, I have recently introduced THREADPRIVATE statements in some of my Fortran commons in order to make the variables ...

  4. OpenMP issue: a threadprivate pointer doen't work when it has the ...


    Mar 2, 2009 ... The runtime system maintains a pointer to the thread private data area. .... i.e. Fortran should have "integer, save, threadprivate :: num" (or ...

  5. Fortran Composer v12.0: THREADPRIVATE directive must not be an ...


    Apr 13, 2011 ... Fortran Composer v12.0: THREADPRIVATE directive must not be an element of a common block or be declared in an equivalence statement ...

  6. THREADPRIVATE | Intel® Developer Zone


    OpenMP* Fortran Compiler Directive: Specifies named common blocks to be private (local) to each thread; they are global within the thread.

  7. non standard threadprivate


    Jan 30, 2012 ... ... following warning isprinted for the THREADPRIVATE line:warning #7025: ... it is appropriate for us to flag them as not being standard Fortran.

  8. threadprivate common-block for non-openmp thread


    Nov 20, 2014 ... Hi, I've got a FORTRAN dll that was made multi-threading-safe for openmp- threads by adding threadprivate-pragmas for all common-blocks.

  9. Don't use the OpenMP THREADPRIVATE 'compatibility' option when ...


    May 8, 2012 ... The Intel C++ and Fortran compilers for Windows* and Linux* ... 'compatibility' implementations of the OpenMP THREADPRIVATE directive.

  10. Usage of THREADPRIVATE directives with COMMON blocks


    Oct 28, 2008 ... I am not a fortran programmer but I read the documentation about the THREADPRIVATE directive. The code below demonstrates my problem.

  11. [OpenMP] Threadprivate outside main program and copyin clause


    Jul 14, 2014 ... Dear all, I have an issue with a Fortran code that I am trying to parallelize ... blocks that I marked as private using the THREADPRIVATE directive.

  12. OpenMP* Source Compatibility and Interoperability with Other ...


    The Intel® Fortran Compiler includes OpenMP* libraries that are object-level compatible ... Limitations of threadprivate objects on object-level interoperability:.

  13. OMP: Error #133: Inconsistent THREADPRIVATE common block ...


    Apr 11, 2012 ... Instead, the threadprivate variables are in a module, and they are of type double ... The executable is mostly fortran but there are a few C utility ...

  14. common block problem in openmp Fortran


    Aug 27, 2015 ... common block problem in openmp Fortran ... If not, should I use threadprivate for the common blocks and private the variables in each ...

  15. OpenMP: initialize Threadprivate


    6 days ago ... Dear folks, let's suppose to have this FORTRAN module: MODULE MyUtility IMPLICIT NONE REAL*8, ALLOACATABLE(:,:) :: r INTEGER :: i1, ...

  16. Threadprivate for exportable module variables


    Aug 30, 2011 ... A while ago, I asked a question if with intel Fortran compiler, module variables with export attribute can be threadprivate in OMP. The answer is ...

  17. Threadprivate issue


    Jul 15, 2014 ... I'm working on a hybrid (OpenMP+MPI) FORTRAN code. In that code the following pointer is declared and specified as threadprivate. However ...

  18. Lacking debugging info for threadprivate module variables?


    Oct 22, 2013 ... I'm using Intel(R) Visual Fortran Intel(R) 64 Compiler XE on Intel(R) 64, version ... pointers tThis (threadprivate) and tCurrent( not threadprivate).

  19. /Qopenmp-threadprivate:compat doesn't work with uninitialized ...


    Nov 27, 2013 ... The /Qopenmp-threadprivate:compat option may lead to incorrect ... This issue is only seen with the Intel(R) Fortran Compiler for Windows*.

  20. Make legacy code generally thread-safe (not just for OpenMP ...


    Nov 21, 2014 ... Hi, I've just created a topic called "threadprivate common-block for ... But AFIAK fact is: There are billions of LOC of legacy FORTRAN libraries ...

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