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  1. Getting Started Tutorial | Intel® Developer Zone


    Jul 14, 2015 ... ... save it in C:\Users\[userid]\XDKTutorial , and click the Create button to create your ..... Take a moment to check out your app build options.

  2. Can't start XDK


    Mar 30, 2014 ... xdk:client (1411971749804): Client cannot validate with server (status=0) ... Since you cannot log into the App Center, it sounds like the userid ...

  3. XDK Login Changes and Issues


    Jul 10, 2015 ... You will see a new login screen when providing your userid and password to ... After you enter “validate and Merge”, you will be able to use this ...

  4. Building a RESTful Web Service with Spring IO


    Mar 30, 2015 ... Later we will call validateUsernamePassword() to validate the user information. usersList. .... 09, // The type of userId in the server is integer.

  5. Problemas para logar no software


    Feb 12, 2015 ... Please try to log into this site with your XDK userid and password to ..... We only validate against Ubuntu Linux, not all versions of Linux will ...

  6. setBasicAuthentication Method | Intel® Developer Zone


    This function will set header data required for basic authentication over the Internet. intel.xdk.device.setBasicAuthentication(domain,username,password) ...

  7. Intel Compilers for Mac OS* X Silent Installation Guide | Intel ...


    Jan 12, 2012 ... Step 0) Confirm that the userID for the installation has 'sudo' priviledge. .... silent install will first copy the license file, validate and proceed with ...

  8. Intel XDK Login (Authentication) Process Changing


    Mar 16, 2015 ... Also, you should be able to login into intel.com with the same userID ..... Please check my user name. mustafabirtek@gmail.com old username : ...

  9. Intel® MPI Library for Linux* OS Installation Guide


    Before installing the Intel® MPI Library, you should check the Intel® Registration Center to see if a .... where the <userid> stands for your actual login name.

  10. Intel® MPI Library for Linux* OS Installation Guide


    Before installing the Intel® MPI Library, you should check the Intel® · Registration Center to .... <userid>.log, where the <userid> stands for your actual login name.

  11. Enumerating Stream Configurations


    Use the IsStreamProfileSetValid function to validate certain stream configuration. Example 30 shows how to enumerate the stream configurations. Example 30: ...

  12. Member Functions: Device Neutral


    Validate if the configuration is valid. SetStreamProfileSet. Set the active configuration for all streams. ReadStreamsAsync. Read stream samples asynchronously.

  13. Using Intel Cloud Location Services – iOS


    Jun 17, 2013 ... -(void) registerListener:(id) listener; //check if parameter conforms to ..... @ property NSString *function; // token, carts, carts/{userid}/purchase etc ...

  14. Intel® Commerce Services REST API Reference


    Jun 4, 2014 ... User authorization call with user ID from Intel Identity Services: ...... Commerce Services does not validate these links. All callback URLs in the ...

  15. Download


    STATE_CHANGE D/ConnectivityService( 523): Captive portal check ...... uid = 1000 calling userId = 0, foreground user id = 0, calling pid = 0com.android.server.

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