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  1. Fortran Array Data and Arguments and Vectorization | Intel® Software

    Sep 6, 2012 ... Compiler Methodology for Intel® MIC Architecture. Vectorization Essentials, Fortran Array Data and Arguments and Vectorization. Overview.

  2. Intel Developer Zone Articles

    ... options ( /O2 /Qopt-report:2 /Qopt-report-phase:vec ) the vectorization report indicates that the outer loop was not vectorized since the inner loop was vectoriz.

  3. Closing the Ninja Performance Gap through Traditional ...

    loop vectoriz rizing at the in. , and loop con to be converte ter allocator is blocks and mu. -loop vectoriza rization. The f lly vectorizab . A part of the the outer path.

  4. iXPTC 2013 - Intel

    Dec 4, 2012 ... Intel tools, libraries and parallel models extend from multicore to many-core and back to optimize, parallelize and vectoriz. Code. Compiler.

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