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  1. 2015 R3 Release Notes


    Apr 14, 2015 ... Intel® GPA provides tools for graphics analysis and optimization that can help you ..... Other VR devices might work but have not been tested.

  2. How To Plan Optimizations with Unity* | Intel® Developer Zone


    Jan 15, 2014 ... Unity provides a number of tools and settings to help make games perform ... The testing was performed on a 3rd generation Intel® Core™ ...

  3. Plugins Overview for Your Intel® XDK Cordova* App | Intel ...


    Oct 16, 2015 ... Apache* Cordova* plugins are a very important tool for enhancing the ... See Debug & Test Overview for recommendations on how to debug ...

  4. MIC reset failed


    Mar 25, 2013 ... MIC 0 Test 2 Check the POST code via PCI : FAILED MIC 0 Test 2> ..... Try to read the VR status using the IPMI tool. Belinda Liviero. Top.

  5. ?ggev | Intel® Developer Zone


    Syntax. call sggev(jobvl, jobvr, n, a, lda, b, ldb, alphar, alphai, beta, vl, ldvl, vr, ldvr , work, lwork, info). call dggev(jobvl, jobvr, n, a, lda, b, ldb, alphar, alphai, beta, ...

  6. Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d): Enhancing ...


    Mar 5, 2012 ... Test and development environments using servers with mult iple VMs, ..... http:// www.intel.com/support/processors/tools/piu/sb/CS-014921.htm

  7. interactive geometric sound propagation and rendering


    For example, in a VR combat simulation it is critical to simulate the 3D sounds .... intersection tests and is updated when the objects in the scene move [20].

  8. help, relocation truncated to fit R_X86_64_PC32 against symbol


    Mar 28, 2011 ... test.f90(6): error #5524: Variable MY_BIG_ARRAY is larger than 2147483647 bytes and cannot be initialized. Is that somehow related to the ...

  9. ?geev | Intel® Developer Zone


    lapack_int LAPACKE_sgeev( int matrix_layout, char jobvl, char jobvr, lapack_int n, float* a, lapack_int lda, float* wr, float* wi, float* vl, lapack_int ldvl, float* vr, ...

  10. 0xC0000005 Access Violation Writing Location Error


    Mar 15, 2013 ... A screenshot and test project attached. ..... when I tried to use 2048 or 4096, etc I didn't see any difference for a Fortran test application I used.

  11. How to Develop an Intelligent Autonomous Drone using an Android ...


    May 2, 2014 ... To simplify the test, we will post the flight controls on the screen, and you will simulate the movement of the drone by moving the mobile by hand ...

  12. Intel for Android* Developers Learning Series #11: OpenGL ES ...


    Jan 27, 2014 ... When this tool is installed and used with an Intel x86 Atom system .... It's best to test a range of Android devices yourself for the presence of the ...

  13. Android* - Android* Texture Compression | Intel® Developer Zone


    Oct 31, 2012 ... Example of Tools Used For Compression: .... Software and workloads used in performance tests may have been optimized for performance ...

  14. Unity TIp: Creating a RealSense-Powered Menu In Unity


    Aug 24, 2015 ... If you do a test run of your project at this point, you will see your GUI overlaid on your project's environment! STEP FOUR. In order for a ...

  15. ?geev | Intel® Developer Zone


    call sgeev(jobvl, jobvr, n, a, lda, wr, wi, vl, ldvl, vr, ldvr, work, lwork, info). call dgeev(jobvl, jobvr, n, a, lda, wr, wi, vl, ldvl, vr, ldvr, work, lwork, info). call cgeev( jobvl ...

  16. ?ggev | Intel® Developer Zone


    The order of the matrices A , B , vl , and vr ( n ≥ 0 ). a, b. Arrays: a (size at ... The leading dimensions of the output matrices vl and vr , respectively. Constraints:.

  17. ?trevc | Intel® Developer Zone


    call dtrevc(side, howmny, select, n, t, ldt, vl, ldvl, vr, ldvr, mm, m, work, info). call ctrevc(side, howmny, select, n, t, ldt, vl, ldvl, vr, ldvr, mm, m, work, rwork, info).

  18. How to remove the warning when run IPP on AMD processor ?


    May 15, 2012 ... IPP must be tested to also run on such platforms. .... I tested on another AMD processor, and it did display the bogus KMP warning, when no ...

  19. ?tgevc | Intel® Developer Zone


    call stgevc(side, howmny, select, n, s, lds, p, ldp, vl, ldvl, vr, ldvr, mm, m, work, info ). call dtgevc(side, howmny, select, n, s, lds, p, ldp, vl, ldvl, vr, ldvr, mm, m, work, ...

  20. ?hsein | Intel® Developer Zone


    call shsein(side, eigsrc, initv, select, n, h, ldh, wr, wi, vl, ldvl, vr, ldvr, mm, m, work, ifaill, ifailr, info). call dhsein(side, eigsrc, initv, select, n, h, ldh, wr, wi, vl, ldvl, vr, ...

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