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  1. Computing Quantiles for Streaming Data | Intel® Developer Zone


    Summary Statistics provides a method for computing quantiles that supports ... that is, the array elements with ranks deviating from the rank of accurate deciles by not ... parameters of the algorithm, you can use the macro defined in the library : ... of size block_n ... status = vsldSSCompute( task, VSL_SS_STREAM_QUANTS, ...

  2. sslnotes.pdf (376.96 KB)


    Intel reserves these for future definition and shall have no responsibility ... Intel processor numbers are not a measure of performance. Processor ..... status = vsldSSEditTask( task, VSL_SS_ED_COR_STORAGE, corstorage ); ..... Quantiles in the array are packed component by component, starting from the first component.

  3. Overview of Summary Statistics (SS) in Intel® MKL | Intel ...


    Apr 7, 2011 ... It includes not only the most powerful computer, but also the best software ... Using VSL Summary Statistics algorithms, you can compute the basic ... or quantiles for your observation matrix, estimate dependencies in the dataset, ... of the Summary Statistics estimators to learn the structure of the data array.

  4. mkl-vsl-ss-overview.pdf (282.91 KB)


    Sep 13, 2012 ... Intel® MKL VSL Summary Statistics addresses ... moments, skewness, kurtosis, variation, quantiles, order statistics ... #define DIM 1 ... Array of accumulated weights */ .... Intel does not guarantee the availability, functionality, ...

  5. Intel(R) Summary Statistics Library


    The Vector Statistical Library (VSL) of the Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) proposes a set of routines for .... Array to hold quantile orders is not defined ...

  6. vslSSEditTask | Intel® Developer Zone


    status = vslsssedittask(task, parameter, par_addr) ... Set entries of the array to meaningful values (typically zero) if you intend to ... Otherwise, do not initialize the array. .... Address of the variable that holds the number of quantile orders .... If you pass a user-defined array of prior parameters, set this parameter to ( p 2+3* p  ...

  7. Prev Computing Quantiles for Streaming Data with ...


    Use the VSL_SS_METHOD_SQUANTS_ZW method to compute quantiles for ... the params array and passed to the library using the EditStreamQuantiles editor. ... of quantiles to compute */ #define EPS 0.01 /* accuracy of quantile computation ... Compute the percentiles with accuracy eps */ status = vslsSSCompute( task, ...

  8. Intel® MKL 10.3 Release Notes | Intel® Developer Zone


    Jun 26, 2012 ... This change will not impact users as the Intel compiler no longer requires the $ FPATH ... Linear, quadratic, cubic, step-wise const, and user-defined splines ... use cases for Intel MKL DFTI and FFTW; VSL: Improved the performance of .... on vector lengths which are a multiple of the number of MPI processes.

  9. Basic Components of the MI Method | Intel® Developer Zone


    The parameters of the MI method are packed into the params array. ... If you do not provide the start point for the EM algorithm, it uses the default ... #define M_VALUE 9 /* total number of missing values */ #define M_COPIES 5 ... Compute the mean and the variance using the fast method */ errcode = vsldSSCompute(task, ...

  10. Column sorting


    Jun 24, 2015 ... You need to define your needs accurately and completely before it makes sense ... Is there any array sorting subroutine that can be faster than dlsart2? ... tell what is computed and how to use it; I am not so familiar with quantile too, ... Fortran examples for Summary Statistics such as vsldstatsum.f or vsldcp.f.

  11. Computing Mean Absolute Deviation | Intel® Developer Zone


    #include "mkl_vsl.h" #define DIM 3 /* dimension of the task */ #define N 1000 /* number ... median absolute deviation in observations */ status = vslsSSCompute( task, ... The size of the array to hold mean absolute deviations should be sufficient to ... buffer for estimate of mean (or corresponding sum) even if you do not need ...

  12. Using the BACON Algorithm for Outlier Detection | Intel® Developer ...


    Dealing with Missing Observations · Computing Quantiles for Streaming Data ... Define the initialization scheme of the algorithm. ... For details on the parameters, see Table Structure of the Array of BACON ... Expectedly, after all outliers are removed, the statistical estimates for the contaminated dataset are not biased.

  13. Task Computation Routines | Intel® Developer Zone


    The Summary Statistics computation routines do not signal floating-point errors, such as overflow or gradual underflow, ... Computes the array of the 2nd order raw moments. ... Fast method for calculation of the estimates given user-defined mean: ... Zhang-Wang (ZW) method for quantile estimation for streaming data.

  14. Performing Robust Estimation of a Variance-Covariance Matrix ...


    The parameters of the TBS algorithm are packed into the params array. ... # include "mkl_vsl.h" #define DIM 10 /* dimension of the task */ #define N 1000 ... rcov ); /* Compute the robust variance-covariance matrix */ status = vsldSSCompute( task, ... of a robust variance-covariance matrix and an array of means do not support ...

  15. Intel® MKL


    Jun 26, 2012 ... (VSL). Tuned for Intel processors – current and future. Intel® AVX optimizations ..... Steps: create ->define Array Struct->reorder->factor->solve->delete .... Covariance SP Covariance DP Quantiles SP Quantiles DP ..... Intel does not guarantee the availability, functionality, or effectiveness of any optimization ...

  16. 10_IntelMathKernelLibrary.pdf


    Quantiles, order statistics ... functions (VML) and vector random number generators (VSL)] ... Linea, quadratic, cubic, step-wise const, and user-defined Splines .... Compute FFT as many times as you like, with data contained in arrays X and Y. .... Reproducibility will not be maintained from one version of Intel MKL to the next.

  17. 06-signalprocessingusecasenotes.pdf (1.91 MB)


    Quantiles, order statistics ... functions (VML) and vector random number generators (VSL)] ... Linea, quadratic, cubic, step-wise const, and user-defined Splines ... Any size transform can be specified, but not all transform sizes run equally fast. .... Compute FFT as many times as you like, with data contained in arrays X and Y.

  18. 06-signalprocessing-2014.pdf (1.93 MB)


    Quantiles, order statistics. •Min/ ... functions (VML) and vector random number generators (VSL)]. • Sparse Solvers .... problems. Any size transform can be specified, but not all transform sizes run equally fast. .... Compute FFT as many times as you like, with data contained in arrays X and Y. Alternatively .... defined values.

  19. mkl_mmx_c.pdf (213.08 KB)


    IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED ..... Quantiles, order ... The one-dimensional arrays in the exercises store the matrices by placing the elements of each column in ... #define min(x,y) (((x) < (y)) ? ..... The xerbla function is used by BLAS, LAPACK, VML, and VSL to report errors.

  20. signal-processing-with-intel-cilk-plus-2up.pdf (252.45 KB)


    program, any signal source (not only the artificial signal source) can be used in order to be ... speedup with multiple cores, it is likely required to involve more processing steps and more .... •Convolution via VSL ... •Quantiles .... are mostly obvious, but also complete the definition of the language extension in presence of.

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