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  1. Use of floating licence

    They would only need to build the component that uses TBB occasionally, so one ... and saw that the floating licence should only be used with the Intel Compiler.

  2. OpenCV with IPP licence

    Jan 12, 2016 ... I'm developing an application using OpenCV 3.0, which uses the Intel IPP-CV ... I couldn't find this information in the IPP-CV faq and the licence ...

  3. Frequently Asked Questions - Licensing | Intel® Software

    Where do I submit download, registration, or licensing issues? If you need ... I'm getting an error: "Failed to enable trusted storage check for licensing." What do I ...

  4. Problems with Intel Fortran licence in Mac OS X

    Dec 23, 2009 ... I got a free licence for students two days ago, and I downloaded the 11.1 version of ... Your license is not current enough to allow you to use this

  5. Floating licence usage by components

    Users of DbgL: (Total of 2 licenses issued; Total of 0 licenses in use) Users of FCompL: (Total of 2 licenses issued; Total of 0 licenses in use) Users of MKernL:  ...

  6. Licensing: Setting up the client for a floating license | Intel® Software

    Dec 1, 2011 ... Steps to set up client software to point to the license server for Intel products to use floating license.

  7. How to find Host ID for Floating licenses | Intel® Software

    Aug 21, 2015 ... Procedure to find the Host Name and Host ID for Floating licenses. ... Only counted licenses require use of the Intel® Software License ...

  8. Qualify for Free Software | Intel® Software

    For use in teaching curriculum. Open Source ... source projects. Free Community Licenses. Everyone › Community Licenses for Intel® Performance Libraries.

  9. Using the Intel(R) License Manager for FLEXlm* User's Guide

    The information in this manual is furnished for informational use only, ..... installation and use of the Intel License Manager for FLEXlm* for supported platforms.

  10. VTune 2015 Trial Version License Error

    Nov 13, 2014 ... License Check Failed Intel VTune Amplifier XE 2015 cannot find a license file. ... As a quick workaround please use the license file. I sent it to ...

  11. non commercial license renewing

    Oct 16, 2014 ... Dear mumbers, I want to renew my non-commercial license for Intel ... many of which use Fortran, and the non-commercial C/C++ compiler ...

  12. Licence for Windows Server 2003R2 (or Windows Server 2008R2 ...

    May 10, 2012 ... Can I use a "Single User" licence for different users connecting via RDC (with the understanding that only one person can compile at a time)?

  13. "The license file(s) you provided is not valid for this product." - I chose option (1) "Install as a root for system wide access for all users [default] At Step no: 3 of 7 | Activation Options - Use a License File,

  14. Request License file

    Jan 3, 2013 ... Reading the notes on the forums I can get a non commerical license file ... non- commercial use but received no license file (needed for gentoo ...

  15. Some queries regarding licence for Visual Fortran Composer XE

    Mar 21, 2014 ... -How long does a student licence to use VFCXE last for? As far as I can tell the commercial licence to use the software seems to be indefinite, ...

  16. error #10310: Failed to enable trusted storage check for licensing ...

    Mar 4, 2015 ... Can you please tell me how do I get my licence file? I am running it ... if your license limits you to a specified number of licenses in use at a time.

  17. Need a licence file to evaluate the product

    Jan 27, 2015 ... Could you please send me an evaluation licence file? ... Please use the license file to install and let us know if you have any further issues.

  18. Using the Intel® Software License Manager

    3.5.7 Compatible Versions of Intel® Software License Manager .... document describes the installation and use of the Intel® Software License Manager for.

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