Intel® Student Developer AI Workshop - University of California Berkeley

Watch this video for a sneak peek at the on campus technical workshops supported by the Intel® Student Developer Program for AI.

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使用深度学习方法进行 MOOC 行为建模

在视频中,研究生 Steven Tang 在伯克利学生开发人员人工智能研讨会上介绍了他进行大型开放式网络课程 (MOOC) 行为建模的方法。

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Docker* 容器中大数据工作负载的裸机性能

BlueData® 和英特尔® 密切协作,史无前例地推出了一套面向大数据工作负载的性能指标。分别在裸机环境中和基于容器的环境(使用 BlueData EPIC™ 软件平台)中对这些工作负载进行性能指标评测。两种测试环境的工作负载在基于英特尔® 至强® 的架构上运行同等配置。

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Using community license of Intel MKL for multiple users

The community license is is a "Named-User" license.

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Connecting an Intel® NUC to the Google Cloud Platform* Service

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Intro to Device Side AVC Motion Estimation

Download the Samples
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DE10-Nano Board Schematic

Figure below shows the block diagram of the DE10-Nano development board. Connections are made through the Cyclone V* SoC FPGA. See attached PDF for full schematic details.

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DE10-Nano Board Mechanical Layout

Mechanical layout of the DE10-Nano board.

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Seamless Edge-to-Cloud IoT Integration Speeds Time to Market

Solution providers achieve end-to-end integration, deliver actionable customer insights, and gain a competitive advantage with the Intel® IoT Platform and Google Cloud Platform* A fully integrated edge-to-cloud IoT infrastructure solution can help to improve business insights that provide a true competitive advantage.
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Cannot download Intel® RealSense™ SDK


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