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Fast ISPC Texture Compressor - Update

This article and the attached sample code project were written by Marc Fauconneau Dufresne at Intel Corp.

Authored by MARC F. (Intel) Last updated on 09/01/2015 - 15:01

Mouse / Touch Mode Detection on Windows® 10 and Windows* 8

Download Code Samples

Authored by Seung-Woo Kim (Intel) Last updated on 09/01/2015 - 13:31

Создаем лучшее будущее для малого бизнеса

Команда Intel® Developer Zone помогает создавать оптимальные программные решения различного масштаба: от мобильных до серверных приложений.

Authored by admin Last updated on 09/01/2015 - 12:59

Drive the Future of Small-Business Software, on Every Platform

The Intel® Developer Zone helps you deliver game-changing solutions-from portable apps to server software-for small businesses that will drive your success forward.

Authored by admin Last updated on 09/01/2015 - 12:57

For Ultrabook™ developers, with great power comes great responsibility

This following article was subsidized by Intel and authored by Zebra Partners.

Authored by admin Last updated on 09/01/2015 - 12:27

Strategies for App Communication between Windows* 8 UI and Windows* 8 Desktop

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Authored by Brad Hill (Intel) Last updated on 09/01/2015 - 12:22

How to write a 2 in 1 aware application

Dynamically adapting your UI to 2 in 1 configuration changes

By: Stevan Rogers and Jamel Tayeb

Authored by Stevan Rogers (Intel) Last updated on 09/01/2015 - 12:19

Developing Power-Efficient Apps for Ultrabook™ Devices

Power-efficient performance is a key component of Ultrabook™ devices and mobile devices in general.

Authored by meghana-rao (Intel) Last updated on 09/01/2015 - 11:57
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