3 款雨天适合孩子的益智游戏应用


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Google VP9 优化

Portals including YouTube*, Netflix*, and Amazon* work constantly to give customers the highest quality with the fastest streaming available. Toward that end, Intel gathered a team of senior engineers with very strong performance optimization backgrounds early in 2015 to tune the VP9 video codec for greater performance on the Intel® Atom™ platform. This article shares the results of their work.
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面向 Android* 设备的垃圾回收工作负载

GCW for Android is a JVM memory management workload that is designed to emulate how real applications use Java memory management. It is intended to help both JVM and application developers optimize memory management and user experience on Android. Learn how it works, and try it yourself. Includes link to code on
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英特尔® 软件开发人员十大故事 | 五月

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