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iOS SDK3.1 偶有崩溃,请帮忙看下可能是什么原因吗?

离开会议的时候调用conference client的leave方法。但是有时候会崩溃。崩溃在

0x10056fbdc <+252>:  stur   xzr, [x29, #-104]



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RTCPeerClient unpublish Error Code=2000

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Hi there, 


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Release Notes from Intel® XDK Documentation

For each release, these Intel® XDK release notes provide an up-to-date summary of new features, issues addressed, and known issues.
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Updating Older Unity* Games for VR

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How do I get a list of connected users?

This might be a silly question, but I can't figure out how to list all users in a conference in the javascript client?

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No worker found error, implementing Cluster using Intel WebRTC

Hello All,


We are implementing Cluster using Intel WebRTC version 3.2. Our configuration are like below.


1 primary Server:-

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请问android系统使用 视频 传输的 安全性怎么处理?比如视频加密等,还是系统自己已经实现了加密解密?

视频传输时 压缩解压是否也处理了?压缩比是多少?这个系统视频流量怎么计算的?

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Choosing Crosswalk* Build Options: Shared or Embedded from Intel® XDK Documentation

The Crosswalk for Android* build system provided by the Intel XDK offers two primary build options: embedded and shared. These two options each have pros and cons; read the complete article to help you choose which build option is best for your Android app.

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