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Why Intel® CoFluent™ Technology for Big Data

Intel CoFluent Studio is a product from Intel that lets you build models of pretty much any system to evaluate performance and behavior using an abstract model instead of concrete code.
Authored by Engblom, Jakob Last updated on 01/12/2017 - 15:37
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Filter by Host Aggregate Metadata or by Image Extra Specs

Authored by Alonso Hernandez, Rodolfo Last updated on 01/09/2017 - 10:18
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How to Configure and Deploy a Bare Metal Controller using OpenStack Ironic - Part 3

This is the third post in a series of blogs about how to configure and deploy a bare metal controller using Ironic.
Authored by Alonso Hernandez, Rodolfo Last updated on 01/06/2017 - 17:10

Student Day at IDF 2013

Student Developers from Intel Software's Code for Good Hackathon at IDF 2013 talk about their experiences working with intel Software and Intel IT on the recent coding challenge.


Authored by Gerald M. (Intel) Last updated on 01/06/2017 - 13:08
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Celebrating Women’s History Month

With March being Women’s History Month, we’re proud to pay tribute to just a few of the many great women in science and technology that have paved the way for the next generation.
Authored by amelia-barton (Intel) Last updated on 01/04/2017 - 14:42

An API Journey for Velocity and Lower Cost

With digital business and market competition intensifying, many companies are shifting to APIs to expose business processes and data for easy and better integration, enabling business expansion, and driving lower cost and faster time to market (TTM) through reusable services and APIs. APIs are being deployed on an unprecedented scale in broad ecosystems for social, mobile, cloud, and analytical...
Authored by admin Last updated on 01/04/2017 - 14:42

openCertiface e IoT com Intel® Edison


Authored by Alessandro de Oliveira Faria Last updated on 01/04/2017 - 14:42
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Innovation at Intel: Waiting for “Now” to Get Here

We focus a lot on innovation at Intel. I’d like to talk about why we do it. It’s about responsibility.

Authored by Roger Chandler (Intel) Last updated on 01/04/2017 - 14:41

Code Sample: Doorbell in JavaScript*

From this exercise, developers will learn how to: Connect the Intel® Edison development platform, a computing platform designed for prototyping and producing IoT and wearable computing products. Interface with the Intel® Edison platform IO and sensor repository using MRAA and UPM from the Intel® IoT Developer Kit, a complete hardware and software solution to help developers explore the IoT and...
Authored by SHAWN M. (Intel) Last updated on 01/04/2017 - 12:38
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