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Service-Oriented Computing and Web Data Management (ASU)

Textbook for senior/graduate course on Distributed Software Development, Service-Oriented Architecture, Service-Oriented Database, and Cloud Computing.

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Distributed Software Development (Arizona State University)

Many cores are critical to Web App/Service Hosting for the following reasons:

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Assuring Mobile Physical Services for the New Generation of Networks (ASU)

The development of computing and communication systems has gone through a spiral cycle of centralization and decentralization schemas.

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Service-Oriented Computing and Web Software Integration(ASU)

Web software development and cloud computing based on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) represent the modern software engineering theory, practices and

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Collaboration Cloud Webinar

In this webinar McAfee and Box join forces with Intel to discuss how content can be protected throughout the collaboration lifecycle- from upload to access and distribution.
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Tracing Rays Through the Cloud

Cloud-based online streaming services for games have been entertaining gamers for almost two years. Intel engineers have demonstrated the ability of the Intel Many Integrated Core architecture to serve high frame rates to as many as 8 tablet computers.
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Hadoop and HBase Optimization for Read Intensive Search Applications

by Abinasha Karana, DirectorBizosys Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

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智能手机安全软件LookOut 初体验(2)

 接:智能手机安全软件LookOut 初体验(1)

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