Assessing and Sizing: Intel® 64-Bit Architecture Porting


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Porting Linux* Applications to 64-Bit Intel® Architecture

by Allan McNaughton

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Porting to the Intel® Itanium® Architecture

by Andrew Binstock

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Porting Chains: 64-bit Intel® Xeon® Processor to Intel® Itanium® Processor

by Alan Zeichick

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Desktops and Laptops on Life Support?

If you went to or read about the Consumer Electronics Show that happened in Vegas earlier this month, you couldn’t help but be inundated with all the talk about tablets and smartphones.  In fact, i

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A Collection of Examples of 64-bit Errors in Real Programs

This article is the most complete collection of examples of 64-bit errors in the C and C++ languages. The article is intended for Windows-application developers who use Visual C++, however, it will be useful for other programmers as well.
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Intel® IPP Functions Optimized for Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel® AVX2)

List of Intel IPP functions optimized for processor code name Haswell and Skylake
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Android Device - Is there a support for external GPS devices ( like GALILEO GPS Receiver )?

Is there a support for external GPS devices ( like GALILEO GPS Receiver )on a real Android Device?

If Yes, how it could be configured?

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Welcome to the Android* Applications on Intel Architecture Forum!

Welcome to the newest forum on Intel Software Network, dedicated to helping developers of Android Applications get the most out of running on Intel architecture.

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Graphene Library OS for Intel® SGX

Porting applications to the Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) platform can be cumbersome.

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