3 款雨天适合孩子的益智游戏应用


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Google VP9 优化

Portals including YouTube*, Netflix*, and Amazon* work constantly to give customers the highest quality with the fastest streaming available. Toward that end, Intel gathered a team of senior engineers with very strong performance optimization backgrounds early in 2015 to tune the VP9 video codec for greater performance on the Intel® Atom™ platform. This article shares the results of their work.
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面向 Android* 设备的垃圾回收工作负载

GCW for Android is a JVM memory management workload that is designed to emulate how real applications use Java memory management. It is intended to help both JVM and application developers optimize memory management and user experience on Android. Learn how it works, and try it yourself. Includes link to code on
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英特尔® 软件开发人员十大故事 | 五月

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天气预报是现代生活的一个重要方面,它可在出现恶劣天气状况时即时发出警报,从而帮助有效制定计划和安排物流,并可保护生命财产安全。 但是,准确预测长期的天气情况非常复杂,通常涉及到大量数据集,并且要求对代码进行优化以利用最高级的计算机硬件功能。

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Design Mill 开发的 TANKED!*:一款使用英特尔® 实感™ 技术的 4D 视频游戏

From avatars and in-depth game options to terrain editors and customizable mini-games, developers are continually working to give users the capability to manifest their own virtual existence. TANKED!, an augmented sandbox arcade game, harnesses Intel® RealSense™ technology into an exciting multiplayer battle. Learn how Design Mill built a customized sandbox that allow users to manipulate the...
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实现健康总体平衡:4 款应用提升敏捷度和精神健康

有时,可能大家都把注意力放在健身上了。 但是很明显,虽然它是整体健康的主要部分,但是我们的生活质量涉及到身体、精神和心灵等各个方面的状态。1

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应用时间:在 2016 年玩应用成为家事

享受生活的方方面面从来都是说得容易,做起来难。 这对父母来说尤其如此。 许多人渴望,特别是进入新一年后,能够真正地充分利用时间,但这项计划往往会因为子女而受到限制。 但这有些困难,因为工作不再局限于一个房间,并且就不存在典型的一天等这样的事情。 但是,享受当下的根本原则完全在于“是什么”、“现在”和“当下”,而不判断当下的情况,也不希望此时此刻非比寻常。

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In game development, middleware can be the software between the kernel and the UX, or it can be software that makes game development easier by providing additional services, features, and functionality. Whether you are looking for an entire game engine to develop your idea into a game, or an efficient easy-to-use video codec to deploy full motion video, this list will guide you to the best...
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