Cross stack access

Authored by Jack S.

Hi all,

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encoding efficiency in decoding order

Authored by dj_alek


How coding efficiency degrades when using the decoding order?

Can encoder convert to I frame specified as P by client (scene change detection) in this mode, etc?


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D3D11 issues on Windows Embedded Standard 7

Authored by dr_asik


I am able to run the decoding sample fine on Windows Embedded Standard 7, however if I use the following command line:

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Intel Software Manager Out of Sync

Authored by chauvjo

I seem to have reoccurring problems with the Intel Software Manager being out of sync with my current installation.

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passing optional arguments

Authored by Roman

I am using Fortran Compiler XE .

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-mkl gives different results from -lfftw3

Authored by Lennaert Van Veen

I am developing a time-stepping code that calls fft routines in every step. While writing and testing the code, I used the -lfftw3 flag to link to the fftw3 library.

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I get lots of errors in MSVS2013 since the last software update

Authored by davidlofstrand

Hello Intel,

I'm not sure I've posted in the right subforum here but I didn't find any subforum for Intel Parallel Studio XE Professional.

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Setup is hanging on my system.

Authored by Yonghee Bang

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METIS libraries + ifort + how to install

Authored by diedro

Dear all,

I have a question. Has someone installed METIS libraries? 

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64bit licence

Authored by filippo s.

Good morning,

I would ask to a licence number for Windows c++ compiler 64 bit.


Thank you in advance.



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