Intel® IPP - Library dependencies by domain

IPP demain dependencies.
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HD Graphics Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide to Intel® HD Graphics.
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Quick Reference Guide for Intel® Core™ Processor Graphics

Current Quick Reference Guide to Intel Graphics.
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3rd Gen HD Graphics Quick Reference Guide

Download 3rd generation Intel® Core™ Processor Built-in Visuals Reference G
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Project Alloy: Info for Game Devs

At the 2016 Intel Developer forum in San Francisco this August, Intel announced Project Alloy,  an all-in-one virtual reality solution.

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Runs Great on Intel® Technology Certification

Sign up today to take your game to the next level with the Runs Great on Intel technology certification program. Testers are standing by.
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Intel® Open Image Denoise Library Saves Time, Boosts Quality

Intel has created a complete solution with a high-performance, open-source filter for images rendered with ray tracing. And it is available in beta.
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