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Transparent Computing: One Platform to Develop Them All

At IDF 2012 in San Francisco last month, Renee James, senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Software Services Group gave a

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Role of NFC in the future of Digital Wallet

“Since the beginning of a barter economy on our planet, personal Wallet seems to have remained stuck in the leather and bone ages, literally.

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The Evolution of Game Development: Everything Old is New Again (and vice versa)

According to a recent survey of game developers, the industry is seeing a slow but steady shift away from console development towards PC and mobile games:

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Coded by You - How IDF is all about you now

“This year’s forum is really about you,” Intel CEO Brian Krzanich confirmed. “It’s about creators with the imagination to envision undreamed of possibilities.” Describing the backdrop of this year’s event, he said, “Not only are we seeing the world of PCs, devices, and services evolve, we’re witnessing the boundaries of computing itself expand. So it was natural that IDF 2015 embraced everything...
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Exciting Innovations Showcased at Unity* Unite Beijing 2018

Unity* Unite events moved to Beijing in May 2018, settling at the China National Convention Center. Top technology experts and industry talents from across the world provided the audience with over 80 multi-themed technical courses and activities, including keynote presentations focusing on Unity's next-generation technology developments. Intel was there as well, presenting a technical keynote...
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Unity* Unite Beijing 2018大会上演精彩纷呈的创新

Unity* Unite大会正在持续受到全球开发者的热捧。继今年分别在首尔和东京成功举办后,大会又于5月移师北京,在北京国家会议中心盛大召开。来自全球的Unity技术达人和行业精英,为观众带来超过80场主题多元的技术课程与活动,包括聚焦Unity次世代技术发展的重磅主题演讲等。英特尔一如既往地参加了这一盛会,并发表了技术主题演讲,通过四款游戏展示了英特尔技术可带来的重要优势。
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Adaptive Transparency

We introduce a new technique for real-time order independent transparency called Adaptive Transparency (AT) that closely approximates the ground-truth results obtained from A-buffer compositing but is 5x to 40x faster. The key contribution of Adaptive Transparency is the introduction of an adaptively compressed visibility representation that can be efficiently constructed and queried during...
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