Remi Arnaud Biography

Remi Arnaud is leads the Intel Game Engine Technology team. Previously, Remi worked on the PLAYSTATION 3 SDK as a Graphics Architect at Sony SCEI where he started COLLADA.
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Adaptive Transparency

We introduce a new technique for real-time order independent transparency called Adaptive Transparency (AT) that closely approximates the ground-truth results obtained from A-buffer compositing but is 5x to 40x faster. The key contribution of Adaptive Transparency is the introduction of an adaptively compressed visibility representation that can be efficiently constructed and queried during...
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Webinar: Getting Started with Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications

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Intel® and Codemasters*: Advanced Rendering Techniques

Codemasters* has been working with Intel® on Grid 2 (to implement AOIT and AVSM algorithms by using Pixel Shader Ordering to

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Volumetric Explosions in Blackfoot Blade

Blackfoot Blade from Confetti Games utilizes tilt

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Intel® University Games Showcase: University of Southern California

Bloom is a game made by students at the University of Southern California CS Games P

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Torpedoes, Class Warfare, Fish, and Intel

Are you an indie game developer? Intel wants to help you!

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Advanced Rendering Samples Android* Windows*

Advanced Rendering Samples on Android* and Windows* demo presented by Arzhange Safdarzadeh.

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Intel Collaboration: Advanced Lighting

Advanced Lighting Simulation demo presented by Felix Klein of the Intel Visual Computing Institute.

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