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TACC symposium and programming two SMP-on-a-chip devices

Real results for many-core processors illustrate the power of a familiar configuration (SMP) even when reduced to a single chip.

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Wellington and Austin: programming lots of cores

A couple of back-to-back opportunities to see great talks about harness lots of cores, and to give talks about programming options and why we do not need to give up on programmability in our quest

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Программа "Поделись своим опытом"

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Black Belts Event Munich/London Registration

Thank you for registering to the event. We have sent a confirmation mail to your email address. We look forward to seeing you!

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Cilk Plus PACT11 Tutorial

Parallel Programming with Cilk Plus using the Intel Compiler A Cilk Plus tutorial at PACT 2011 [link]
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Intel Vectorization Technical Presentation Webinar

This presentation is for C, C++, and Fortran developers, and will help you get started understanding and evaluating vectorization using new technologies such as Intel® Cilk Plus, pragma SIMD and the Intel Compiler’s Guided Auto Parallelization report.
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How “Personal” is coming back into PC

For anyone what wasn't able to attend the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, one of the 3 key finds that I learned was that the concept of "Personal" is truly coming back to "Personal Computing" - lots of new technologies are right around the corner to make your computer feel more like "yours."
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Primeiro bate-papo entre desenvolvedores e a Intel

No dia 26/06/2012 tivemos a primeira mesa de trabalho do The AppDate São Paulo com o bate-papo entre desenvolvedores e a Intel.

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