Tuning Guides and Performance Analysis Papers

Microarchitecture-specific guides to tuning and optimizing application performance with Intel® VTune™ Amplifier.
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Intel® Platform Analysis Library Metrics Framework Release Notes

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移植及调优运行于Intel® Xeon Phi™处理器的应用程序

本文是帮助用户移植应用程序到Intel® Xeon Phi™处理器的最佳化方法的汇总,用户在移植现有应用程序时,利用下面的代码改动建议及Intel® 编译器的开关使用建议将有助于得到更好的程序运行性能。


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Intel(R) Metrics Framework Getting Started Guide

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Understanding NUMA for 3D Isotropic Finite Difference (3DFD) Wave Equation Code

This article demonstrates techniques that software developers can use to identify and fix NUMA-related performance issues in their applications.
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Fine-Tuning Optimization for a Numerical Method for Hyperbolic Equations Applied to a Porous Media Flow Problem with Intel® Tools

This paper presents an analysis for potential optimization for a Godunov-type semi-discrete central scheme, for a particular hyperbolic problem implicated in porous media flow, using OpenMP* and Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2.
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How to use Intel® Energy Profiler in Intel® System Studio

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Running Intel® Parallel Studio XE Analysis Tools on Clusters with Slurm* / srun

Since HPC applications target high performance, users are interested in analyzing the runtime performance of such applications.

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Optimizing Computer Applications for Latency: Part 2: Tuning Applications

For applications such as high frequency trading (HFT), search engines and telecommunications, it is essential that latency can be minimized.

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Intel® System Studio for Storage SPDK Analysis

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