Performance Data Collection with Sampling Collector

        Sampling Collector (SEP) is a command-line tool for doing hardware-based sampling using event-based sampling (EBS).

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Analyzing the performance of C/C++ and debugging OpenGL ES* frames on mainstream ARM* and x86 Android* devices

When developing an Android* application, you usually need to test, optimize, and debug on many different platforms.

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Intel® VTune™ Amplifier Tutorials

Get tutorials for finding hot spots, analyzing energy use, and more for Intel® VTune™ Amplifier.
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Intel® System Studio Developer Story: How to Configure, Build and Profile the Linux* Kernel of Android* by Using Intel® VTune™ Amplifier

Intel® System Studio Developer Story: How to configure, build, debug and optimize key parts of your mobile software stack for Android*

1. Set-up and configure a development environment.

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Intel® System Studio with Multimedia


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Some Helpful Tips For Graphics Analysis and Optimization on Android*

If you’re developing a graphics-intensive application and you’re not satisfied with the performance, read on for what to do to improve it.

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Consejos útiles para análisis y optimización de gráficos en Android*

Si está desarrollando una aplicación que usa gráficos de manera intensiva y no está satisfecho con el rendimiento, continúe leyendo para averiguar la manera de mejorarlo.

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使用英特尔® 内联函数在安卓*平台上优化功耗比的代码示例


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Intel® Energy Profiler 2016 Beta for Systems User Guides & Release Notes

Intel® Energy Profiler 2016 Beta for Systems - Windows* host, Android* & Windows* targets




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