Case Study: оптимизация игры King of Soldier* с помощью средств Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers на GPU Intel® HD Graphics 4000

Нам удалось повысить производительность King of Soldier* в сложных сценах в 1,75 раз на ПК с процессором Intel® Core™ 3-го поколения.
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Uma introdução à 4ª geração de processadores Intel® Core™

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GPU-Quicksort в OpenCL 2.0: вложенные параллельные вычисления и сканирование групп обработки

Введение Краткий курс истории алгоритма быстрой сортировки
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Кубик за кубиком: разработка игр нового поколения с LEGO* Minifigures Online

Optimizing graphics for Intel® Core™ processors as well as Intel® Atom™ processors is rapidly becoming a strategic imperative for game developers. This article describes how Funcom developed LEGO* Minifigures Online (LMO)to provide exceptional graphical experiences and improved battery life on both platforms.
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Заархивировано - Трехмерные RealSense: реальные персонажи в виртуальном миревашем игровом движке

Lee Bamber describes how you can scan a person with your front facing Intel RealSense 3D camera, generate a 3D character, and place this character in a virtual 3D world on your device.
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Введение в привязку ресурсов в Microsoft DirectX* 12

In DirectX 12, Microsoft reduced resource overhead to improve application efficiency, cutting CPU usage by more than half. This decreases energy consumption and allows gamers a longer play time on mobile devices. Wolfgang Engel of Confetti describes the new resource binding mechanisms that developers will need for managing and tracking resources with DirectX 12.
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Подключаемый модуль сжатия текстур Intel для Photoshop

Intel is working to extend Photoshop to take advantage of the latest image compression methods (BCn/DXT) via plugin. The purpose of this plugin is to provide a tool for artists to access superior compression results at optimized compression speeds within Photoshop.
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Использование изображений, доступных для чтения и записи, в OpenCL™ 2.0

While Image convolution is not as effective with the new Read-Write images functionality, any image processing technique that needs be done in place may benefit from the Read-Write images. One example of a process that could be used effectively is image composition. In OpenCL 1.2 and earlier, images were qualified with the “__read_only” and __write_only” qualifiers. In the OpenCL 2.0, images can...
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