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使用英特尔® 物联网技术添加特性和测试


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The Right Mindset for Testing (Testing Theory Part 1)

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Continuous Delivery, Embedded Systems, and Simulation

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Intel Global IoT DevFest

Celebrating the FIRST EVER Global IoT DevFest! Registration is Still Open to Watch Replays! ATTENTION – There’s still time to sign up for the latest edition of our Intel Global IoT DevFest II on Nov 7-8th 2017.
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What you don’t know about firmware might get you 0wn3d

Following firmware developers on social media during Black Hat & Def Con can be a bit bewildering. Firmware is becoming more important in the realm of cybersecurity research.

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Intel® System Studio - for the industrial and automotive Internet of Things

The new Intel® System Studio released in mid-February combines support for the Intel® Quark SoC with highly optimized compiler and the XDB Intel® JTAG Debugger with support for performanc tuning, in-depth instruction and evend tracing, power & performance analysis, and first class build tools with hand-tuning assembly level optimizations specifically for the Intel® Atom(TM) Processe E38xx.
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Intel® Lends Support to the Zephyr* Project

Intel and its partners make significant contributions to the new operating system, ideal for microcontroller-based sub-Linux* application development. The newly launched open-source Zephyr Project – a small, real-time OS that supports multiple architectures—is targeted at IoT (Internet of Things) gateway and edge applications. It’s great for working on the smallest, microcontroller-based...
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Intel® IoT Developer Kit 3.5 Release Announcement

We are very excited to announce the release of the Intel® IoT Developer Kit 3.5. The key features of this release are: 1) C/C++, Java* and JavaScript development support for Intel® IoT Gateways 2) IBM* Bluemix IoT Foundation integration support for Intel® IoT Gateways 3) Edison configuration tool updates with SSH and WiFi setup 4) Additional Industrial Sensors drivers support in UPM 5) Node 4.X...
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IoT Development Made Easy on IBM* Cloud

Now professional developers can quickly deploy solutions with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and IBM Watson* IoT on IBM* Cloud.
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