Programming and Compiling for Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture

This article discussions parallelization and provides links that will help you understand your programming environment and evaluate the suitability of your app.
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Efficient Parallelization

This article is part of the Intel® Modern Code Developer Community documentation which supports developers in leveraging application performance in code through a systematic step-by-step optimization framework methodology. This article addresses: Thread level parallelization.
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Parallelization Using Intel® MPI

Get an overview of parallelization using the Intel® MPI Library and links to additional documentation.
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Case Study: Achieving High Performance on Monte Carlo European Option Using Stepwise Optimization Framework

Read this case study that discusses the Monte Carlo method of statistical computing to solve complex scientific computing problems.
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Empowering Oil and Gas Applications for Intel® Xeon®, Xeon Phi™ architectures using Intel® Tools

Improving the performance of software applications is a constant challenge for software developers in the Oil and Gas industry.

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Understanding the Corner Cases of Vectorization Intensity


Update: This article is applicable for versions of Intel® VTune™ Amplifier up to 2018.


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Knights Corner: Your Path to Knights Landing Join parallelism expert and evangelist James Reinders and find out how to best prepare your application for K

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ANSYS* Scales Simulation Performance

Download the case study that explores how ANSYS* software supports engineering simulation, a feature that which helps companies explore and test design options more quickly.
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A Structured Performance Optimization Framework for Simultaneous Heterogeneous Computing

Heterogeneous computing platforms with multicore host system and many-core accelerator devices have taken a major step forward in the mainstream HPC computing market this year with the announcement

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