Archived - TANKED!* by Design Mill: A 4D Video Game Using Intel ® RealSense™ Technology

From avatars and in-depth game options to terrain editors and customizable mini-games, developers are continually working to give users the capability to manifest their own virtual existence. TANKED!, an augmented sandbox arcade game, harnesses Intel® RealSense™ technology into an exciting multiplayer battle. Learn how Design Mill built a customized sandbox that allow users to manipulate the...
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Project Alloy: Info for Game Devs

At the 2016 Intel Developer forum in San Francisco this August, Intel announced Project Alloy,  an all-in-one virtual reality solution.

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Photogrammetry and Volumetric Capture

This article compares volumetric capture and photogrammetry, and takes a deeper dive into technical specifications, package sizes, capture options, computing needs, and cost analysis. It also looks at the benefits and complexity of each style and its use cases, as well as the engagement and retention in creating immersive realism for digital formats, including VR, AR, and MR.
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Using the Intel® NUC 8 in VR and Fulldome for Immersive Multimedia Experiences

This article will show how the technology of the NUC 8 can successfully integrate with the projection technology of the full dome and VR in a number of ways. TouchDesigner, and the RealSense camera will be used. The principles of good dome and VR cinematography as well as interactivity and depth mapping through the RealSense camera will be addressed.
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