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My Experience from Spark Summit

Spark Summit is a professional conference which usually has in attendance thousands of developers, scientist, analysts, researchers and executives from all over the world. At the conference, attendees come together to understand how big data, machine learning and data science could deliver new insights. The 2016 mid-year event of Spark Summit concluded today in San Francisco, California. Now the...
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随着汽车进入自主世界的中心,开发商被赋予创造创新和无缝的解决方案以快速响应市场需求并与市场需求一起增长的任务。 这在车辆和数据中心两方面都要求一些重大的资源。 英特尔已从消费者出发构建了一个生态系统。 利用这些工具,您将能创造——并且重新创造——驾驶的体验。

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Beyond Sensing - Developing UP Squared based Computer Vision Projects

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