Media: Video Transcoding Sample

Native console application sample which performs transcoding of elementary video stream from one compressed format to another. Includes the following features:

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Get Amazing Intel GPU Acceleration for Media Pipelines

Webinar - Learn tips & tricks for adding hardware acceleration to your media code - get fast performance & quality for media applications.
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Offloading Graphics Processing from CPU to GPU

Find out why you should offload video processing from the CPU to the GPU.
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Application Performance Using Intel® OpenCL™ Driver Diagnostics Sample User's Guide

This article presents a driver diagnostics sample that demonstrates how to use the Intel® OpenCL™ extension to help get better performance results in applications.
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Intro to Device Side AVC Motion Estimation

This article introduces the new device-side h.264/Advanced Video Coding (AVC) motion estimation extensions for OpenCL* available for Intel Processor Graphics GPUs. Video motion estimation is a powerful feature which can enable new ways of thinking about many algorithms for video codecs and computer vision. The search for most representative motion vector, which is computationally expensive if...
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设备端 AVC 运动评估简介


下载设备端 VME 示例代码 和高级示例。

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Deliver Fast, Brilliant Video Experiences with New Intel® Media Server Studio 2017 R3

Developers: Optimize Video Performance & Quality
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Boost Quality and Performance of Media Applications with the Latest Intel HEVC Encoder/Decoder

by Terry Deem, product marketing engineer, Intel Developer Products Division 


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Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 25, June 2016

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What's New in Intel® Media SDK for Windows* 2018 R1

Speed Video & Image Processing with New  Intel® Media SDK
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