Cмартфоны на платформе Android с процессорами Intel


1.    Lava Xolo X900

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64-разрядные версии Android* и среда выполнения Android

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Пять способов оптимизации кода для Android 5.0 Lollipop

With the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop*, an innovative default runtime environment was introduced, called ART* (short for Android RunTime). It includes a number of enhancements that improve performance. In this paper, we introduce some of the new features in ART, benchmark it against the previous Android Dalvik* runtime, and share five tips for developers that can further improve application...
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Использование набора инструкций Intel SSSE3 для ускорения реализации алгоритма DNN в задачах распознавания речи, выполняемых на мобильных устройствах

The main algorithm of speech recognition has changed to DNN (Deep Neural Network). Without internet, the speech recognition service in your mobile devices nearly useless, very few times it can listen to what you said and work.With support for the SSSE3 instruction set on Intel’s CPU, we could easy run a DNN based speech recognition application without the internet. Adding direct SSSE3 support...
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