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IDF Keynote Love: Meet the Independent Software Vendors!

At IDF 2013 in San Francisco last week, keynotes from Hermann Eul,

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Implementing Face Detection in Android*

Download sample code
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Project Anarchy Simple Physics for Android*

Havok's Project Anarchy has incorporated 2D components that al

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Project Anarchy: Optimized Water Shaders, Volumetric Light Shafts, & 3D Particle Lighting

Future versions of Project Anarchy will have many new features

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2D Animation for Android* Series: Comparing and Contrasting Different Ways of Doing the Same Animation Part I

Part I: Introduction and Property Animation
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推出面向安卓* 开发人员的英特尔® 工具

安卓* 开发人员可以从英特尔提供的一个或多个工具中受益。Xavier 简单介绍了可用的一些工具、它们的用途以及对您的工作效率和结果的好处。他还介绍了这些工具如何能帮助您进行调试、性能优化和跨平台开发等。

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