Improving the Compute Performance of Video Processing Software Using Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX) Instructions

This paper describes a case study in which AVX instructions are used to enhance the performance of a de-saturation algorithm (a common video filter). The case study takes the algorithm from a non-SIMD state to AVX based SIMD.
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Boosting Kingsoft Cloud* Image Processing with Intel® Xeon® Processors

Kingsoft Cloud* is a public cloud service provider, they deliver image processing services to their public cloud customers. This article shows how Kingsoft optimizes the imaging processing task to run on systems equipped with Intel® Xeon® processors.
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Video Transcoding on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor with FFmpeg*

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Accelerating x265 with Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512)

Vector units in CPUs have become the de facto standard for acceleration of media, and other kernels that exhibit parallelism according to the single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) paradigm. SIMD on Intel® architecture processors have evolved to enable 512-bit register files in Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512).
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