Determining Root Cause of Segmentation Faults SIGSEGV or SIGBUS errors

SIGSEGV on Linux and SIGBUS on MacOS Root Causes
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OpenMP* and the Intel® IPP Library

How to configure OpenMP in the Intel IPP library to maximize multi-threaded performance of the Intel IPP primitives.
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Don't optimize when using -ftrapuv for uninitialized variable detection

The switch /Qtrapuv (-ftrapuv) for detecting certain uninitialized variables is designed to work with optimization disabled
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优化联网待机状态下WINDOWS 8 应用程序

这篇白皮书介绍了如何测试和分析软件在Windows待机连接状态下的行为。同时还介绍了如何发现待机连接状态下影响电量的根本原因以及如何优化。这篇白皮书旨在面向 ISVs, OEMs, 和其他技术相关人士。
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使用软件工具测试Intel® 平台下的WINDOWS *应用程序功耗


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Measuring performance in HPC

This is the first article in a series of articles about High Performance Computing with the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor.

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Installation of Intel® System Studio on Windows* Host

How to get Intel System Studio 2014 - Windows* Host package?

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Intel® Memory Latency Checker v3.7


Vish Viswanathan, Karthik Kumar, Thomas Willhalm, Patrick Lu, Blazej Filipiak, Sri Sakthivelu


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Android* Application Optimization on Intel® Architecture Multi-core Processors

1. Introduction
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Developing Embedded application on Intel® Atom™ Processor E3800 (Formerly Bay Trail) using Intel® System Studio 2015

This article is about developing any type of embedded application on Intel® Atom™ 3800 processor using Intel® System Studio
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