Introduction to Persistent Memory Configuration and Analysis

Learn about Persistent Memory and the Persistent Memory Development Kit (PMDK) which includes a set of libraries and tools to support software development.
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Introduction to Persistent Memory Allocator and Transactional Operations in Persistent Memory Development Kit (PMDK) Webinar

We describe how persistent memory allocator works, need for transactions and how transactions are implemented in libpmemobj.
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2019 Storage and Persistent Memory Developer Summit

The Summit includes case studies, feature deep dives, and technology tutorials, along with live demos, hands-on labs, and “Meet the Experts” sessions.
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Intel® Optane™ DC PMEM Modules in Linux*

Learn how to provision Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory modules in Linux using the open source ipmctl and ndctl utilities.
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Persistent Memory Key-Value Data Store for Data Center

Learn how pmemkv utilizes Persistent Memory, how it is designed, and what algorithms are being used for engines implementation.
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