Introduction to Programming with Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory

Persistent memory (PMEM) from Intel enables memory performance with storage persistence for application data. Learn how you can start coding for this new techology today, even without PMEM hardware.
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Comece a usar a programação para memória persistente

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Java* and Intel Technology: Building the Future

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Code Sample: Implementing a Fault-Tolerant Algorithm for Persistent Memory Using PMDK - A MapReduce Example

This code sample shows how to implement fault tolerance in a persistent memory version of the famous MapReduce (MR) algorithm. It uses libpmemobj C++ bindings of the Persistent Memory Development Kit (PMDK).
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Intel® Optane™ Technology Products – What’s Available and What’s Coming Soon

Intel® Optane™ technology products
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英特尔持久性内存 (PMEM) 为应用数据提供了内存的出色性能和存储的持久性了解如何在不使用 PMEM 硬件的情况下,对这项新技术进行编码。
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