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EPT Violation


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posted interrupts


I want to understand the working of posted interrupts , have a couple of questions:

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Solaris OS crashes when intel iommu is enabled

Hi all,


I am working on Solaris 11.3 HBA driver development. We have configured and enabled MSI-x interrupts for PCI device.


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7th generation CPU with Processor Trace (PT) technology

Hi all!

I'm looking for the new CPU, which supports Intel Processor Trace (Intel PT) technology. 

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Windows 8.1 Hyper-V and Skylake CPUID Leaf 15 issue

When Hyper-V role is installed on Windows 8.1 Professional x64 the last CPUID leaf my Skylake i7-6700K reports is leaf 0xD.

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Details on possible virtualized disk access


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well, let us start this forum :)



How about sharing some material? events?

I would really love to learn about intel roadmap for Deep learning.


Good luck,



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Meet us at ODSC West - Santa Clara 2016

Want to see Intel Deep Learning SDK in action? We'll be there at ODSC 2016 in Santa Clara.

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Plans to Integrate Opencl Optimized Caffe for backend?


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VCPU to physical CPU mapping


i) Is it true that each VCPU is dedicated to one physical CPU core?

ii) If not, is it possible to reserve one physical CPU core and fix a VCPU to it?



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