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https://XXXXX:3004 is not working.

To verify whether the server installed successfully, I ran https://XXXXX:3004 on Chrome Browser.

Authored by Juhee K. Last updated on 09/27/2016 - 07:07
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Intel Media Server Studio on Intel Pentium N3710

Installed the Intel Media Server Studio Professional Edition 2016 (Evaluation) Processor Details: Intel® Pentium® Processor N3710 OS: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS

Authored by Venky G. Last updated on 09/27/2016 - 07:10
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running error for Intel Fortran in Visual Studio 2015

The following is a fortran code.  

  program test4

    implicit none

    ! Variables

    ! Body of test4     print *, 'Hello World'

Authored by KIYONG L. Last updated on 09/27/2016 - 07:10
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How to debug this code?


FC = ifort FCFLAGS= -O0 -debug -traceback -check -ftrapuv

TARGETS= clean birrp

Authored by milenko1976 Last updated on 09/27/2016 - 06:48
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15.40.4473 driver bug

vkCreateInstance() crashes! the application when provided with incorrect extension names.

Authored by Name N. Last updated on 09/27/2016 - 07:11
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If the Realsense Camera Could Zoom in and Zoom out?

I am using SR300 to develop some application.

The query is as the title shows. Or do some focus/refocus things. Thanks!

Authored by YU X. Last updated on 09/27/2016 - 07:12
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reason for parallel studio xe 2017 with ipp download?

I have Parallel Studio XE 2017 installed, which I presume is what has put down the IPP files.

Authored by imsdk s. Last updated on 09/27/2016 - 07:12
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Polycom SIP call video freeze

OS: CentOS 7.2;  MCU: 3.2; Polycom: HDX 8000 and RealPresence Group 550

Authored by Larry Y. Last updated on 09/27/2016 - 06:40
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Intel MKL FATAL ERROR: Cannot load or


I am getting the fatal error:

Intel MKL FATAL ERROR: Cannot load or

Any suggestions? 

The is found at:

Authored by agb32 Last updated on 09/27/2016 - 07:22
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OpenCL program crashes when kernel is build in clBuildProgram on Windows

Dear all,

Authored by Edgardo Doerner Last updated on 09/27/2016 - 06:33
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