Assembling and connecting your board from Intel® Edison Board User Guide

This section contains steps to set up your Intel® Edison board and connect it to your computer. Steps for your board may vary depending on the breakout board you have purchased. See the appropriate link below:

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第 1.1 集 — 简介

By: Vadim Karpusenko, PhD; Andrey Vladimirov, PhD; Ryo Asai

In this episode we will cover structure of this video course.

Videos Within This Chapter:

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Building an Arcade Cabinet with Skull Canyon

Hi I’m Bela Messex, one half of Buddy System, a bedroom studio based in Los Angeles, and makers of the game Little Bug.

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Образцы кода Intel для Интернета вещей: датчик работы кухонной плиты

Выполнив это упражнение, разработчики научатся: подключать платформу разработки Intel® Edison, предназначенную для создания прототипов и носимых компьютерных устройств и решений Интернета вещей; подключаться к интерфейсу ввода-вывода платформы Intel® Edison и хранилищу датчиков с помощью MRAA и UPM из пакета Intel® IoT Developer Kit, представляющего собой полный набор аппаратных и программных...
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Intel® Deep Learning SDK Tutorial: Getting Started with Intel® Deep Learning SDK Training Tool

The Training Tool is a web application running on a Linux* server and provides a user-friendly, intuitive interface for building and training deep learning models. With the Intel Deep Learning SDK Training Tool, you can easily prepare training data, design models, and train models with automated experiments and advanced visualizations.And secondly, Simplify the installation and usage of popular...
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Intel® Software Guard Extensions Tutorial Series: Part 7, Refining the Enclave

Part 7 of the Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) tutorial series revisits the enclave interface, shows how the proxy functions marshal data between unprotected memory space and the enclave, and covers an advanced feature of the Enclave Definition Language (EDL) syntax.
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