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Portación de aplicaciones de Chrome* a plataformas móviles con Crosswalk y Chrome Apps for Mobile

Las aplicaciones de Chrome funcionan en todas las plataformas para las que existe una versión actual de Chrome, entre las que quedan abarcadas casi todas las plataformas de escritorio; este no es e

Authored by Datapress Last updated on 08/10/2015 - 05:19
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Meshcentral - Sprinxle Cloud

Sprinxle is a company based in California that offers Intel AMT management solution and services. Recently, they added Sprinxle Cloud to their product line up. Sprinxle Cloud is a commercially supported version of Meshcentral. Late last year, they started taking the open source software and making the proper changes to it so they could offer it as a supported product. They offer e-mail and phone...
Authored by ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel) Last updated on 08/04/2015 - 12:14
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Unity Configuration Tips: Memory, Audio, and Textures

Tips and Tricks on memory optimization and working with textures and was compiled by Steve Hughes who works as an Applications Engineer for Visual Computing at Intel. Tips include textures, design tips, mesh modeling, audio, and memory optimization.
Authored by Colleen Culbertson (Intel) Last updated on 07/22/2015 - 12:08
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Rapid Makers

For some while I keep finding around me things related to Makers, Quadcopters, and algorithms. At first I thought that it is just by chance...

Authored by Asaf Shelly Last updated on 07/21/2015 - 15:11
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Mob2b participa do 17º Encontro Locaweb de Profissionais de Internet ao lado da Intel

Sorocaba, 23 de junho de 2015 - Na última quinta-feira (18.06), o Mob2b, subdivisão da Smyowl focada em aplicativos e soluções corporativas, marcou presença no 17º Encontro Locaweb

Authored by Cleber d. Last updated on 07/14/2015 - 12:02
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Devices with Chrome OS*

Learn how to write, deploy, and optimize your Chrome OS* apps on Intel® architecture.
Authored by admin Last updated on 06/25/2015 - 15:02

Silvermont SoC Uncore Performance Monitoring Guide

Welcome to the System on a Chip (SoC) uncore performance monitoring guide. 
Authored by Perry Taylor (Intel) Last updated on 06/22/2015 - 08:06

Baytrail Uncore Performance Monitoring Events

Using the Baytrail SoC Performance Monitoring Events
Authored by Perry Taylor (Intel) Last updated on 06/22/2015 - 08:06

Rangeley Uncore Performance Monitoring Events

Using the Rangeley SoC Performance Monitoring Events
Authored by Perry Taylor (Intel) Last updated on 06/22/2015 - 08:06
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